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I am a historian and a Christian, and though I tend to be private about my personal life, if you want to know something about me, ask me, if you cannot determine it from my public discourse.

A book about my experiences in Thailand has been published here: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00AFGB7EM/ref=tag_dpp_yt_edpp_rt#tags

A collection of my essays from Norwich University has been published here: http://www.amazon.com/Time-Well-Wasted-Collection-Essays-ebook/dp/B00LJLQRDS/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1404794363&sr=8-1&keywords=Nathan+Albright

An essay about the barriers of space exploration has been published here: http://www.amazon.com/Terra-Nullis-Nathan-Albright-ebook/dp/B00LLYU7E8/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1404881076&sr=8-1&keywords=nathan+albright

A free collection of my own sermon(ette) messages can be found here:   The Best That I Could Do Vol 1.

A free collection of compendia I have written about the Bible can be found here:  Compendia

If you wish to communicate with me and do not wish to publicly comment on the blog, send an e-mail to nathanbalbright@yahoo.com.

Edit:  12/21/2010:  Someone actually asked a question about me that was not self-evident from my writing that I wished to answer here.  The question was “why do I write in such a sarcastic manner rather than a “lovey-dovey” manner.”  I was unaware that my writing was particularly sarcastic–I work very hard to write in as polite and respectful and as “neutral” a manner as possible, but if my efforts at politeness come off as really sarcastic, perhaps the answer is because I love books and studying the systems around me and because I am very critical with the institutions and people I care about.  I’m not really a lovey-dovey person, though I am tender and sympathetic (in person, if not online), especially to outcasts, furry animals, and small children.

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  1. Dear author … as the originator of said comment to activate the 12/21 edit, I apologize if I came off brash by attempting to ‘bucket’ you in one of two very different writing styles. I meant it as a contrast … and from a few postings got the feeling that your ‘style’ is an intellectual approach and tried to think of the absolute polar opposite – which in my mind is generally lovey-dovey – to try to encourage you to write more about yourself – where you come from, etc.

    Thanks for your continued effort to shoot for neutral – I find it hard myself – but am glad that you gave a little more information about the man in front of the keyboard.

    • Jason,

      No problem. I didn’t take your question as brash. I really dislike either bragging about myself or talking about my emotional life and where I come from, except when it is absolutely necessary to provide the personal context for why I write in such a way about a particular topic. I tend to be an intellectual person who tries to remain detached from what I write about, and when that is combined with a dry and ironic sense of humor the resulting approach is often seen as sarcastic, and usually a good deal more so than I intend. I am very eager to answer questions that people may have, and I welcomed the opportunity you provided to do so. If you have any other questions or comments about particular entries, feel free to make them. As long as you aren’t really insulting, I am willing to hear you out and respond.

      • A most articulate reply, Nathan. I commend you for your excellent writing, especially your grammar and punctuation skills.
        I haven’t been asleep all these years; I read your blog for the first time today (If Only All Tests Could Be This Easy, posted July 10, 2013), and I enjoyed it. I recognized your dry and ironic sense of humor from the start. And I was pleased to discover that like me, you are a Christian. I look forward to future blogs and communication with you.
        Eric :o)

      • I’m glad to hear that :). It’s nice to have a few copy editors looking at my work as well. I look forward to future interactions also, even if my replies often tend to be far more terse than my blog entries.

  2. Phil Henry says:

    I have almost the same five top strengths. Interesting.

    • That is very interesting. I think personally that context should be in my top 5 rather than individuation, but all of the other ones are pretty obviously strong suits of mine.

  3. ibnekhattana says:

    Interesting . I wish I can write like you . best of luck

    • Thanks muchly. It takes a lot of practice. When I started writing these little essays on world (and personal) affairs, they were very short and not well developed, but after over a decade of practice I have gotten better at it, I hope. 🙂

  4. John Mhlanga says:

    I follow some of your articles, well, kind of casually, but hope you would not mind if I ask you if you are a member of UCG, and if COGWA is your bash board???

    • Well, I am a member of UCG. And, to be honest, I did a fair amount of Cogwa bashing when the wounds were still fresh, but I don’t really blog about them at all right now because they aren’t really a part of my world.

  5. alireyisboss says:

    I read your post about Nathaneal, I was trying to find out more about him and see if he was referred to anywhere else in scripture. I do not think your style is sarcastic. The tone of a writer is somewhat a matter of perception.

    • Well, that particular Nathanael was not referred by that name elsewhere in scripture, though he is known by the name of Bartholomew elsewhere in a few short references :). I’m glad you didn’t mind my tone there. 😀

  6. walewisedom oladipo says:

    Good to read about your write-up on the person of Obed-edom. I have taken time to read different versions on my internet search of his profile and I seem to appreciate yours most, especially as it pertains to his family background,tribe,resident and so on.With this understanding i will go back to my bible and read all about this highlighted character.I am a charismatic person balanced with good character, and so I shall be exploring the blessings aspect of this man which you have not done justice to in my opinion, probably because of your personality. thanks

    • I am glad that you got a lot out of my description of Obed-Edom, and I hope that you can find out a lot more about him that might better suit your own personality and approach.

  7. El says:

    I just read ‘Bartholomew Called Nathanael: An Israelite In Whom There Is No Guile’ and I must say… it was very interesting and I really enjoyed it and found it informative. A historian who writes in an interesting manner… like fine wine… it just gets better and better. Thank you.

  8. Nathan,
    I appreciate your honest assessment of my book posted on 4/12/2014. However, I do request that you correct the title. It should read “Things That Must Take Place.” Thank you in advance.

    Tony Kessinger

  9. Linda Stone says:

    I am enjoying your coverage of Jonadab
    Son of Rechab! I find your writing sensibility appropriately reverent. I trust
    your perspective it connects in my heart
    and reveals God the Father as He was known before Jesus sent us the Holy Spirit!!

  10. William E. Males says:

    Brother Nathan,
    Would you consider a book review on this old book?

    • At first, in looking at the book, I wondered what sort of sense of humor the author had, but although it will take a bit of time to read (being somewhat lengthy), I will definitely review that old book, even if it is a bit obscure. 🙂 This is the sort of comment I enjoy seeing in my “Suggestion Box.”

      • William E. Males says:

        Excellent. I look forward to it 🙂

      • I must admit I hadn’t seen any texts available from the Flat Earth Society before. I will try to keep my sense of sarcasm and irony in check, but it might be too much to ask :p.

      • William E. Males says:

        LOL, I understand Brother Nathan. So please note that I am just now reading it myself. Like many, I too was given to a very liberal amount of sarcasm and laughter at the obvious absurdity on the notion. But eventually, after dismissing this foolish nonsense for months, some of the argument made too much sense. Things began to obligate my integrity to “prove all things,” even into this area.

        While I always knew governments lied to the people, I’ve definitely concluded so far that much of what has been taught about the “globe” is easily proven to be false; at least within the parameters of the mathematical curvature of the earth and theoretical 600,000 mph flight of our “solar system” through the Milky Way with all the planets following corkscrewing along chasing it with their respective orbits. North is still north and the stars remain fixed regardless of the parallax of perspective even after billions of miles of earth’s flying through space.

        I can’t even go out into my back yard and take one step left or right without seeing the obvious witness of things farther away appearing more fixed to my line of sight than the things near. Like when driving down the road looking out at the sunset and watching the telephone poles going by and trees and hills in the back ground moving at a seemingly slower rate.

        Like anything thing which you find you have been lied to about, the question has to asked why are they lying? What the motive; what are they trying to hide?

        To be honest, right now I have generated more questions, recognized more lies being presented as obvious scientific conclusions based upon theories, many (in my opinion) that have been successfully challenged and thoroughly rebutted within the parameters of their own “falsely so-called science.”

        Anyway… looking forward to your clear and succinct conclusion of the obvious truth in this matter LOL.


      • Thanks for the explanation. I will give it a fair read, and comment on it accordingly. May your patience and curiosity be well rewarded. 🙂

  11. jamesbradfordpate says:

    Hi Nathan! I came across your blog because I, too, post reviews on BookLook Bloggers, and I noticed that you reviewed a book that I also reviewed. You mentioned anti-Trinitarianism and the Sabbath, so I was wondering if you were in one of the offshoots of the Worldwide Church of God. It turns out that you are a member of UCG! I have an Armstrongite background myself, since one of the churches that my family attended when I was growing up was the Church of God International, when Garner Ted Armstrong was leading it. Since then, I’ve attended a variety of churches: Seventh-Day Adventist, Presbyterian, Methodist, Baptist. I respect your openness to reading evangelical books, and I appreciate your comments on them.

  12. Matt Miller says:

    Hi Nathan.

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  13. Dane says:

    Hi Nathan,
    I like the layout and feel of your blog. That wordpress template are you using? I have my own Christian blog here (daneamiller.blog ) and would like to improve it similar to yours.

  14. jamesbradfordpate says:

    Hi Nathan! If you get a chance, please send me an e-mail at jamesbradfordpate@yahoo.com.

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