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Book Review: Arthritis Sourcebook

Arthritis Sourcebook, edited by Amy L. Sutton If you wanted to read a book that was a mile wide and six inches deep when it came to the question of arthritis in all of its many facets, this book is … Continue reading

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Book Review: The 28-Day Gout Diet Plan

The 28-Day Gout Diet Plan:  The Optimal Nutrition Guide To Manage Gout, by Sophia Kamveris It may be a bit bold, if not presumptuous, of me to say so, but this book is not an optimal nutrition guide when it … Continue reading

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On The Relationship Between Gout And Creativity

As someone who suffers, sometimes very painfully, from gout, I have tended to seek out insight into areas that relate to this most patrician of maladies.  It is said that gout, like childbirth, is among the most intense forms of … Continue reading

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Running Amok

In retrospect, the amount of driving I did today to get to my doctor’s appointment and back again may not have been the best idea for my feet, as my gout is hurting a bit more now than it was … Continue reading

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A Tale Of Two Feet

When I was a child growing up in rural Central Florida, one of the many ways that the neighborhood kids kept ourselves amused was to imagine ourselves as members of the X-Men.  For some reason, I ended up being Professor … Continue reading

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Con Los Años Que Me Quedan

As is generally the case, I found a lot that was deeply thought-provoking and personally relevant in the sermon given today by our retired pastor.  He asked the simple question:  “are you content,” and then commented on various ways that … Continue reading

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Queen Anne’s Other War

Queen Anne is remembered, where she is remembered at all, for only a few things.  For one, in the United States among military historians she is remembered as the Queen Anne of Queen Anne’s War, which other people know as … Continue reading

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Book Review: Beating Gout

Beating Gout:  A Sufferer’s Guide To Living Pain Free, by Victor Konshin As someone who suffers from intermittent but severe gout attacks [1], it is perhaps unsurprising that I read a book I happened to find in the library while … Continue reading

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The Quest For Indomethacin

For reasons not entirely clear to me, what should be straightforward tasks are not always very straightforward in my life [1]. When, from time to time, a simple task becomes less than simple, it is my native tendency to view … Continue reading

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Hobble On

In speaking about his lack of interest in harsh condemnation about sins he was not tempted to in his spiritual autobiography Surprised By Joy, C.S. Lewis makes the following quote that would be well-remembered by those who are prone to … Continue reading

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