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Book Review: Electricity For The Farm

Electricity For The Farm, by Frederick Irving Anderson From time to time I write about farming [1], although admittedly not many books are released about the subject to wide audiences these days given the small number of American farmers.  This … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Container Principle

The Container Principle:  How A Box Changes The Way We Think, by Alexander Klose On the face of it, this book should have been an obvious one for me to appreciate.  After all, few people have had a life that … Continue reading

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Movie Review: Hidden Figures

Recently I saw a hilarious trailer for this film where an obviously intelligent woman with glasses was being interrogated by a bureaucrat played ably by Kevin Costner where she had to defend herself against accusations that she was a Russian … Continue reading

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A Pre-Mortem Thought Experiment On The Second American Civil War: Part Three

[Note:  For those interested in reading this grim thought experiment from the beginning, read part one and part two.] As we find to the conclusion of this thought experiment about a civil war between progressive and traditionalist elements in the … Continue reading

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Book Review: Think Like A Programmer

Think Like A Programmer:  An Introduction To Creative Problem Solving, by V. Anton Spraul It should go without saying that this book is most of benefit to someone who is a computer programmer, and especially someone who is skilled enough … Continue reading

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On The Tactics Of Everyday Life

As someone who attempts, however unsuccessfully, to take a larger view of life, I am often struck by how most people live their lives tactically and not strategically.  This happens over and over again, so much so that at times … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Book On The Book Shelf

The Book On The Book Shelf, by Henry Petroski This is a book written by an engineer that asks a question that few people would think to ask:  what is the history of the storage and presentation of books?  How … Continue reading

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It Is A Greater Wonder That Things Work At All

While I was caught in traffic this morning I had plenty of time to think and ponder on how things work in a city.  I saw the usual signs of poor traffic, even early in the morning.  I saw the … Continue reading

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Do They Really Think Californians Are That Clueless?

One of the ways I try to keep myself relatively calm at work is listening to a radio station on Pandora at work that plays music by Keane [1], Guster [2], Finish Ticket [3], Semisonic and a lot of other … Continue reading

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Love Bears All Things

I have in my hand this black teddy bear from the Black Bear Café in Madras, not that far from here, which I bought three years ago at the Feast of Tabernacles as a gift for our congregation’s gift swap, and after … Continue reading

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