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Go Instead Where There Is No Path And Leave A Trail

Today I would like to comment on a quotation that fits the day I had today as well as well as a book I started reading today, which the quote appears in, appropriately enough. The quote is from the famed … Continue reading

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Jesus Wept

This afternoon, after work was ended and while I was in one of my official “reading rooms” before driving home, I started reading a book whose review is due in a couple of days. I had a feeling when I … Continue reading

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Book Review: John’s Gospel: The Way It Happened

John’s Gospel: The Way It Happened, by Lee Harmon [Notice Of Adverse Review: This book was provided for free in exchange for an honest review. Sometimes honesty is not flattering.] If there’s one thing you need to know about this … Continue reading

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The Miseducation Of Elizabeth Bennet

It should not be any surprise that one of my favorite heroines in all of literature is Elizabeth Bennet, the spunky heroine of Pride & Prejudice (I would say that perhaps only Sara Crewe, the sweet and tenderhearted little princess … Continue reading

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Objects Of Desire, Objects Of Contempt

It is all too easy in this day and time to think of people as objects. It is a regular habit of our behavior, and one that we engage in unthinkingly. When we are driving, for example, most of the … Continue reading

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A Fatal Disconnect

Given the bellicose language coming out of our normally milquetoast Secretary of State, the former junior senator from the state of Massachusetts, it seems quite possible that the United States will be involved in a foreign conflict with Syria as … Continue reading

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An Embarrassment Of Riches

Having recently talked about my poverty [1], I wish to make it plain that when I speak of an embarrassment of riches, I do not generally refer to material wealth, although in comparison with the average human being over the … Continue reading

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Take Me To Your Leader

One of the cliches about alien interaction with human beings is that aliens would come to visit earth and ask to be taken to our leaders. Let us imagine ourselves in the point of view of the aliens. How would … Continue reading

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I’m Po’, But I’m Proud

When I was a child, there was a restaurant in rural central Florida called Po Folks that served cheap Southern cooking. Given the poverty of my childhood, of which it may be said that country and blues songwriters who had … Continue reading

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That Which Has Not Been Seen Does Not Have To Be Unseen

I did not see the Video Music Awards last night, and as is common at this event, there was some shocking stunt, which not terribly surprisingly involved Miley Cyrus. The mother of the other singer involved (Robin Thicke) commented about … Continue reading

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