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What’s So Unpardonable About The Unpardonable Sin?

Every once in a while I ponder the nature of pardonable and unpardonable sins, and sometimes I am led to muse on subjects without wishing to appear dogmatic (as is often the case). Given that this is a matter of … Continue reading

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Rule Of Law For Dummies

Though in some circles I have a reputation for being a rebellious and seditious sort of person with no respect for the rules (and I have no idea how I acquired such a bad reputation), in truth I have always … Continue reading

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Thank God I’m A Country Boy

One of the funnier students we have in Legacy is a Karen refugee who has a great love for country music. Today alone he played three songs, at least, that were country, and which I sung along with. One of … Continue reading

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Some People Do Not Need Horror Moves To Feel Afraid

For whatever reason, today my mind was led to ponder on the subject of horror movies and the vicarious thrill many people receive from watching them. I have never seen the appeal of horror movies myself, and I have never … Continue reading

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Psalm 12: Help, Eternal, For The Godly Man Ceases

It is easy to think that the problems we face as a civilization are new problems that have never been faced before. A lack of historical perspective robs us of the insights gained from others who have walked the same … Continue reading

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The Past Is Not Dead; It Is Not Even Past

In a world that is full of tragedies and atrocities, one of the worst atrocities of the last thirty years took place in the small nation of Cambodia, where Communist rule led to the death of 1/4 of the nation’s … Continue reading

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A Note On Cat Herding

One of my favorite commercials of all time is an EDS commercial from years ago (it may even be more than a decade old by this point) that featured a group of “cowboys in the Wild West herding cats. All … Continue reading

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I Am No Better Than My Fathers

The first memory I have of my father is when I was a child of about eight and a half years old. He was driving a rental car down the dirt road where I lived with my younger brother, mother, … Continue reading

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The Difference Between Mocking And Preparation

This post, in many ways, is a sequel to one I wrote a while ago [1], so those who want to figure out where I am coming from are advised to read that post first. As the sort of person … Continue reading

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The Art Of The Possible

One of the many songs I love from the Evita soundtrack, sung somewhat cynically by Antonio Bandaras (as a somewhat overage Che Guevara), is the song “Art of the Possible.” It is a well known truism (perhaps even a cliche … Continue reading

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