A Note On Cat Herding

One of my favorite commercials of all time is an EDS commercial from years ago (it may even be more than a decade old by this point) that featured a group of “cowboys in the Wild West herding cats. All of us at some point in our lives have herded cats, and it is a regular experience for me (and one I do not find necessarily very enjoyable). Since I am going to be doing some cat herding for the next few days, without a great deal of help, I thought it worthwhile to give some explanation of the ways I will be cat herding so that any drop in my writing over the next few days is explained in advance and that no one has any unnecessary worries on that count.

My fellow teachers are in Laos dealing with some visa drama, so I am all by myself for a few days on campus. In addition to my own classes and my own normal duties as the duty achan, which include signing out students when they want to go off campus, labeling and storing the meat from the semiweekly market trip, opening and closing the gates in morning and evening and making sure lights are off at curfiew time, I have other duties that will have to be done as well. These duties include supervising farm work for the first part of this week, covering study halls, and making sure one of our students takes their medications, and feeding the fish in our “teacher’s garden.” And that is just the regular and normal duties, as I’m still working on my next sermon message, and will no doubt have other issues that have to be dealt with in the course of the next few days that are unplanned.

So, I thought it would be fitting to warn you all that I will probably be too busy to post in my usual length or frequency the next couple of days, and that the reason for that was being busy and not something else. No doubt I will have much to reveal and much to conceal over the course of this time, but that is how life goes. I hope to be able to keep up at least one post a day, though, lest my readers think something is wrong.

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7 Responses to A Note On Cat Herding

  1. “Cat herding” must be a wonderfully euphemistic expression for what must be going on for you at this time. Humor is a wonderful line of defense! My thoughts are with you…

    • You are correct that humor is a great line of defense. It is better to laugh than to cry, especially when something must be done and you need to do it in good spirits. But if you think my story is something, you need to hear about the week the young ladies had in Laos–I only know a bit of the story myself but it involves several days worth of snafus and the need to travel to Burma to get a birth certificate translated that one of our teachers is going to have to do soon. Now that’s a dramatic story.

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