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Book Review: Ethnic Conflict In World Politics

Ethnic Conflict In World Politics, by Barbara Harff and Ted Robert Gurr As someone who has a fairly strong interest in the relationship between ethnic conflicts and geopolitics [1], this is the sort of book I enjoy reading from time … Continue reading

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Vanishing Act

In the 1780’s, in the years preceding the French Revolution, libels about the king and queen became immensely popular, and so influential that they still inform the views that we have of Marie Antoinette. In early 1900’s Russia, a blood … Continue reading

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Book Review: Lord Jim

Lord Jim, by Joseph Conrad Lord Jim is, like all of Joseph Conrad’s books that I have read, a tale of tragic optimism in the way in which it is better to be good than to be evil, but that … Continue reading

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We All Live In A Yellow Submarine

Recently, for reasons unknown to this writer, and probably well above my paygrade, there have been military scandals in both Thailand and Malaysia over the issue of submarine purchases from abroad. I have been paying attention to this issue for … Continue reading

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The Whores of Northern Malaysia

Yesterday I read a story that bothered me greatly, and one that has a lot of loose ends. As it happens, 30 foreign women (29 Chinese and 1 Vietnamese) and 8 Malaysian men were arrested in a prostitution ring at … Continue reading

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