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Are You A Swiss Army Knife Or A French Army Knife?

One of the jokes that people have of me is that I am a Swiss army knife.  This is not a particularly unusual joke, in that throughout my entire life I have been recognized for the sheer immense scope of … Continue reading

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Book Review: Faces Of Neutrality

Faces Of Neutrality: A Comparative Analysis Of The Neutrality And Other Neutral Nations During WWII, by Herbert R. Reginbogin This book, despite its lengthy and almost pedantic title, promising something that most people find boring, a comparative analysis [1], is … Continue reading

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Unser Leben Gleicht Der Reise Eines Wandrers In Der Nacht

While idly spending some time this afternoon, I came across the following poem, originally written in 1792 by Karl Ludwig Giesecke, a Swiss poet, and attached to the tragic tale of the fate of Swiss mercenaries during the Russian invasion … Continue reading

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The Cantonization of India

The word canton, as a noun referring to a district of a nation, is best-known in the context of the Swiss cantons, which form the basis of the Swiss Confederation to this day. A complicated and organic history of these … Continue reading

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Prisoner Of Chillon

In 2004, I went to the feast in France, and as part of the tours that year, we went to a small town that I had not known very well beforehand called Montreux. Among the highlights, or lowlights, of the … Continue reading

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Gimme Shelter

Recently, Switzerland has been invaded by tax collectors [1]. This is not entirely unexpected, but it provides an ominous hint of what governments do when they suspect (not entirely without reason) that people are attempting to escape or minimize their … Continue reading

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