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Sleep Fleeing From The Eyes

Last night was one of those unfortunate nights where the pain of gout kept me awake and in a fair amount of suffering during the course of hours where I would have preferred to have, if possible, peaceful and dreamless … Continue reading

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Mysteries Of The Bible: Does Isaiah 66:24 Speak Of Immortal Worms?

One is put in the way of biblical mysteries in a variety of different ways [1].  Sometimes people ask you questions and you go about answering them.  Recently, my congregation had a sermonette class where I delivered a message on … Continue reading

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Book Review: Enemies Of The Heart

Enemies Of The Heart:  Breaking Free From The Four Emotions That Control You, by Andy Stanley This book, like a few others [1], was recommended to me by a friend of mine who I once briefly dated as a college … Continue reading

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Book Review: Simpler Times

Simpler Times, by Thomas Kinkade with Anne Christian Buchanan I had not seen this particular book on the shelf beside me until the book (along with a puzzle) fell off of the bookshelf into my dirty laundry hamper and startled … Continue reading

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The Broadening Of The Mind

There are various activities that we are encouraged to undertake because of the way that they broaden our minds.  At times this claim is merely a lure to encourage someone to do something that will in fact harm or even … Continue reading

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Book Review: Treasure Of The Sangre De Cristos

Treasure Of The Sangre De Cristos:  Tales And Traditions Of The Spanish Southwest, by Arthur L. Campa with paintings by Joe Beeler I received this book on Thanksgiving by some people who were trying to get rid of books to … Continue reading

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Book Review: Tropical Family Vacations

Tropical Family Vacations In The Caribbean, Hawaii, South Florida, and Mexico, by Laura Sutherland This is a rare travel book that delivers more or less exactly what you are looking for.  It gives the precise locations where it provides travel … Continue reading

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Some of my friends have applications that post exactly what locations they are at at all times.  Sometimes my own cell phone attempts to encourage me to do the same thing, and I resist the temptation to let everyone know … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Child Whisperer

The Child Whisperer:  The Ultimate Handbook For Raising Happy, Successful, Cooperative Children, by Carol Tuttle This book is one of a set of books about personality theory relating to children that I was recommended by a friend of mine.  Being … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Lost Children Of Wilder

The Lost Children Of Wilder:  The Epic Struggle To Change Foster Care, by Nina Bernstein This book is an example of what happens when an author is so up her own colon trying to promote a particular view of social … Continue reading

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