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A Swearing In

Last night I stood in the cafeteria of a government building in Hillsboro, Oregon, with thirteen other people and was sworn in by one of the county judges in juvenile court with an oath to obey the laws of the … Continue reading

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One Person, One Vote, One Time

In the early American republic, there was a great deal of turnover in most political offices.  Presidents, by tradition, only served two terms in honor of the example of George Washington.  Many districts, like Abraham Lincoln’s congressional district, featured far … Continue reading

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Book Review: How To Start Your Own Country

How To Start Your Own Country, by Erwin S. Strauss As someone who has in the past participated in efforts at encouraging the development of micro nations [1], Strauss brings personal experience that many others are lacking concerning the struggle … Continue reading

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Hidden In Plain Sight

From time to time, I am greatly amused and intrigued by the matters of secret societies, despite not being the most obvious choice of person to be capable with anything involving secrets [1].  I often enjoy amusing friends of mine … Continue reading

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A Shot From The Muzzle

Yesterday night, when I was looking through one of my previous blogs for an entry I had written on an accidental Swiss invasion, I found a blog entry that I wrote almost a decade ago in part of my ongoing … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Last Battle Of The Civil War

The Last Battle Of The Civil War:  United States Versus Lee, 1861-1883, by Anthony J. Gaughan In several ways, the title of this book can be a bit misleading to the casual reader, in that the title is meant to … Continue reading

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Are You A Swiss Army Knife Or A French Army Knife?

One of the jokes that people have of me is that I am a Swiss army knife.  This is not a particularly unusual joke, in that throughout my entire life I have been recognized for the sheer immense scope of … Continue reading

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Book Review: What Christians Ought To Believe

What Christians Ought To Believe:  An Introduction To Christian Doctrine Through The Apostles’ Creed, by Michael F. Bird [Note:  This book was provided free of charge by BookLook/Zondervan in exchange for an honest review.] Although the Apostles’ Creed is, perhaps … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Power Of Trees

The Power Of Trees, by Gretchen C. Dailey & Charles J. Katz Jr In many ways, this is a strange book, an artistic look at trees that is more or less equally divided between elegant black and white photos of … Continue reading

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The Gift Of Listening

I am often struck by the fact that so many people have a deep need for others to listen to them.  Yesterday at church, for example, I spent a great deal of time talking to a gentleman after church who … Continue reading

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