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Book Review: The Alteration

The Alteration, by Kinglsey Amis It took me a while to get the point of this book.  At least as I read it, there are more than one way to take the title of this book, and the first of … Continue reading

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Lest Darkness Fall

One of the most important works of counterfactual history, an area I have a great deal of interest in as both a student of history and literature, is a book called Lest Darkness Fall, a book which is on my … Continue reading

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Would An Independent Greenland Be Welcome In NAFTA?

For now, Greenland is an autonomous island whose foreign affairs are handled by Denmark, its colonial power. A tiny population of 60,000 people, about 89% of whom are Inuit (Eskimo), lives mostly in a collection of small villages on the … Continue reading

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New Blog: College Football Bracketology

Because I did not want to bog down this blog entry with a lot of college football commentary outside of my philosophical or moral interests, and because I enjoy the idea of a counterfactual history of a parallel universe where … Continue reading

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A Musing On Liner Notes: An Imaginary History of Train

04/25/2012: Edited for a new Train hit, “Drive By.” 08/09/2018:  Quite a few new hits to update for Train. One of the sort of “dream jobs” I would have would be to research and write the liner notes for the … Continue reading

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Power Pop Tragedies And The Search For Obscure Music History

Sometimes, as someone interested in obscure and arcane music history, one wishes that one could re-write the story of a band to give them the sort of ending they deserve.  Though I have commented on my interest in music history … Continue reading

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The Presidents of the Confederate States of America: An Alternate History

Earlier today, a historian friend of mine sent me a list of Presidents of the Confederate States of America.  Though I by no means a sympathizer of the Confederate States of America, I thought the list of presidents deserved a … Continue reading

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