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A Healthy Sense Of Pride In Who You Are

It should not be a controversial statement to believe that everyone should have a healthy sense of pride in who one is. To be sure, there is plenty of disagreement that can take place over what involves a healthy sense … Continue reading

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De Salutare Meum

A few years ago, I worked for someone who claimed to have a great insight in the people he had to deal with concerning the importance of saving face in the local culture.  Indeed, saving face is a widespread human … Continue reading

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The Honor Of Oathbreakers

What is the importance of an oath?  There are certain groups of people who are required at certain points of their lives to take oaths.  For example, people who marry take wedding vows in which they promise to love and … Continue reading

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Is Karen A Slur, Or, The Continuing Problems Of Incivility In Identity Politics

One of the bad things about being isolated from real human beings is that one has more time to see people online.  As is frequently the case, people are not at their best when communicating on social media, and today’s … Continue reading

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Objectification Is Idolatry

In recently reading a book by noted Inkling Owen Barfield, I was struck by how his clarity of thinking must have influenced his fellow Inklings into a greater respect for the thinking of the Middle Ages, although it must be … Continue reading

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Speak No Ill Of The Dead

Since before the time I have blogged about it, or blogged about anything at all, I have been fascinated by the role of death in reputation, and yesterday provided two very distinct occasions where I had cause to ponder about … Continue reading

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Book Review: Manthology

Manthology:  What Makes A Good Man In The Modern World, by Jim Misner Being a man in the contemporary world is not easy.  We live in an age that still depends for what little hope it has on men being … Continue reading

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Just A Little Bit Caught In The Middle

About two decades ago or so I visited the country of Ghana, and while I was there I had the opportunity to talk with a taxi driver who was somewhat bitter about his experiences in the United States before being … Continue reading

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Place In This World

1991 was a banner year for Christian contemporary music [1].  Amy Grant had several hits, giving her a place in the pop mainstream that she would be able to maintain through the next few albums throughout the rest of the … Continue reading

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This Thing Of Darkness I Acknowledge Mine

It may be a somewhat widespread opinion, but one of my favorite plays by William Shakespeare (among many excellent ones) has been, as long as I have been familiar with it, The Tempest.  As someone who appreciates discussing matters of … Continue reading

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