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Place In This World

1991 was a banner year for Christian contemporary music [1].  Amy Grant had several hits, giving her a place in the pop mainstream that she would be able to maintain through the next few albums throughout the rest of the … Continue reading

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This Thing Of Darkness I Acknowledge Mine

It may be a somewhat widespread opinion, but one of my favorite plays by William Shakespeare (among many excellent ones) has been, as long as I have been familiar with it, The Tempest.  As someone who appreciates discussing matters of … Continue reading

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Dalla Dalla, Or Different Just Like Everybody Else

In life there are at least two kinds of difference.  There are differences we choose for ourselves and those differences that are forced on us by others.  And, as might be imagined, we tend to feel very differently about those … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Course Of Honor

The Course Of Honor, by Lindsey Davis Sometimes writing books leads you to write others books.  This seems to be the case here, as the author, while doing background research for one of her Roman mystery series (one I have … Continue reading

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Arrogance Up And Down

The noted popularizer Nassim Nicholas Taleb made a comment about the English language that I thought was worthy of unpackaging a bit, and that was a complaint in his collection of aphorisms The Bed Of Procrustes that there was no … Continue reading

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Book Review: Oskar Schindler

Oskar Schindler:  The Untold Account Of His Life, Wartime Activities, and the Story Behind The List, by David M. Crowe For readers whose only familiarity with the life and times of Oskar Schindler is through their familiarity the Spielberg movie … Continue reading

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πράος / וַתְרָנִי

Meekness is a virtue easier preached than practiced.  That is certainly true of all of the virtues, but the virtue of meekness presents special difficulties that make it especially hard to practice well.  With most virtues, we have a good … Continue reading

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Who Is Responsible For Bullying Anyway?

It is not uncommon to hear stories of somewhat fragile young people who commit suicide because of the bullying and ridicule and abuse they receive from their savage peers.  We live in a world where such savagery is all too … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Apologia Of Robert Keayne

The Apologia Of Robert Keayne:  The Self-Portrait Of A Puritan Merchant, edited by Bernard Bailyn One finds Nathanish people in the strangest places.  This particular short book is the very long will one of one Puritan minister named Robert Keayne, … Continue reading

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On The High Cost Of Civility

While I have a great deal of sympathy and considerable agreement with libertarian economic ideas [1], I am frequently reminded in moments like these why I part ways with libertarians when it comes to cultural matters.  We happen to live … Continue reading

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