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Don’t Touch My Water, Or, How To Radicalize Your Essential Employees

This morning when I arrived at work I found that the break room had a sign on the door that said that until further notice the breakroom, including the water dispensers, was closed until further notice as part of the … Continue reading

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Keep Your Virtue Signalling To Yourself

If you are active on social media, you have likely been faced with this message, and if you are an asshole, you may have posted the message yourself.  For those who are not aware, this sort of post is an … Continue reading

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The Hidden Power Of Assumptions

It has never surprised me that Abraham Lincoln was so deeply interested as an adult in Euclidian geometry.  Admittedly, few people share that fascination as geometry is viewed frequently as being deadly dull.  But there is one essential thing that … Continue reading

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Just Because You’re Paranoid Doesn’t Mean They Aren’t Out To Get You

Those who have studied the history of American politics, people like Bernard Bailyn, for example, have long understood the appeal of the paranoid style of politics within the United States.  While many have lamented this tendency, it is a fairly … Continue reading

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The New Normal

Yesterday I had the opportunity to listen to a much-hyped message that sought to present the experience that we are having during these days of Coronavirus as some kind of new normal that we might have to adjust ourselves too.  … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Miracle Of Olive Oil

The Miracle Of Olive Oil:  Practical Tips For Health, Home & Beauty, by Dr. Penny Stanway I enjoy olive oil as much as (or more than) most people, but this book really went above and beyond when it came to … Continue reading

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On Hitting The Wrong Target

In the course of traveling both last week in the interests of car repair [1] as well as back home and around my usual errands and traveling to and from work, I have noticed an increasing tendency on the part … Continue reading

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Just Breathe

Yesterday and today I enjoyed some pleasant driving in the afternoon, a rarity in these times.  I do not wish to brag, for those who for whatever reason have been less able to travel, since in all cases I was … Continue reading

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Book Review: Epidemiology: Principles & Methods

Epidemiology:  Principles & Methods, by Brian MacMahon and Dimitrios Trichopoulos Admittedly, epidemiology is a rather dry subject that most people would not find it very interesting to read about.  Fortunately, or unfortunately perhaps, I am not most people, and one … Continue reading

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Book Review: Very, Very, Very Dreadful

Very, Very, Very Dreadful:  The Influenza Pandemic Of 1918, by Albert Marrin Reading a book like this, and I have read at least a few [1], is a frustrating but also enlightening experience.  As someone who is familiar with the … Continue reading

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