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Book Review: The Corinthian Catastrophe

The Corinthian Catastrophe, by George E. Gardiner When people leave their religious traditions, there can be some bitterness in the process of trying to justify their change and negatively paint what they may perceive as wasted years following the wrong … Continue reading

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How To Lose Friends And Alienate People

Earlier this week, I participated briefly in a ferocious online dispute about the matter of which Festival of Dedication is being spoken of in John 10:22-30.  My thoughts on the matter itself are scheduled to post on March 1st, which … Continue reading

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Lopping And Cropping

Sometimes, less is more.  The famous novelist Jane Austen [1] was known to be somewhat coy about her writing methods, crafting among the most witty novels to be written in the English language, novels known for their fantastic sense of … Continue reading

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Turnabout Is Fair Play, Or The Lament Of The Social Justice Warrior

When I was in college, I had a flirtatious friend/girlfriend with whom I had a very teasing relationship.  During one of her more reflective and astute moments, she told me that both of us liked dishing it out but that … Continue reading

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Book Review: Diaspora

Diaspora:  Exile And The Contemporary Jewish Condition, edited by Etan Levine As is the case often with books I read, I feel simultaneously too close and at some remove from this book and its subject matter.  Although I come from … Continue reading

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This Is My Truth, Tell Me Yours

The Oxford English Dictionary chose as their word of the year post-truth, which is an adequate representation of the sort of discourse we have dealt with this year and in recent times.  Yet this is not a new problem.  Like … Continue reading

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Book Review: Why The Jews Rejected Jesus

Why The Jews Rejected Jesus:  The Turning Point In Western History, by David Klinghoffer It would be tempting, upon reading this book and its smug, self-satisfied tone, casual libels about Jesus and Paul, and its general unpleasant arrogance, to dismiss … Continue reading

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Book Review: How We Got The Bible

How We Got The Bible, by Neil R. Lightfoot As there is much I have to criticize about this book, and much to find fault with in its presuppositions and assumptions regarding textual criticism, it is worthwhile to comment at … Continue reading

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Book Review: Carnival Mirrors

Carnival Mirrors, by Patricia Lyon [Note:  This book was provided free of charge by BookLook/WestBow Press in exchange for an honest review.] There are some people who should not be encouraged to become heresiologists in the manner of, say, Irenaeus. … Continue reading

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We May Make It Through The War If We Make It Through The Night

As someone who has tried to say as little about the 2016 political campaign as possible [1], I have nonetheless found that those around me are at least waking up to the political campaign for all of its horrors.  Among … Continue reading

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