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What To Give To The Crown Prince Who Has Everything

Very recently, a playboy son of the current Saudi king, Mohammad bin Salmon, was made crown prince instead of an older relative, Muhammad bin Nayef. ┬áThe reasons for this change are unclear to me, but as a student of affairs … Continue reading

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Qatar And The Perils Of Edge Induced Cohesion

For almost as long as I have been writing this particular blog–almost seven years at this point–I have found the problem of the cohesion of the Sunni Arab world to be a subject that comes up over and over again … Continue reading

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Non-Book Review: The Throne Of Adulis

The Throne Of Adulis: Red Sea Wars On The Eve Of Islam, by G.W. Bowersock This particular book (which is a really short book of about 140 pages, including an appendix on the diplomatic history of the Byzantine and Axumite … Continue reading

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A Refracted Mirror: Consensus Building In Autocratic Regimes

I have long been a student of autocracy and its workings, as my passionate commitment to egalitarian practices has made me a recognized and determined enemy of tyranny from my youth. Today a conversation about Saudi Arabia prompted me to … Continue reading

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