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Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due: On The Five Paragraph Essay

Whether one is a high school student attempting to pass an Advanced Placement exam or someone who paid attention to the structure of President Obama’s recent speech on Libya, one is familiar with the form and structure of the five … Continue reading

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When They Ask Us Why

[Note:  Though it is not my usual custom to post material on here by other authors, this note is an eloquent letter written about the Cogwa situation, responding to a letter from one Joel Meeker [1] by a friend of … Continue reading

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Nobody Is Without Worth: An Examination of Laplace’s Tenth Principle

Pierre-Simon, Marquis de Laplace was a French mathematician who was greatly interested in determining the behavior of the universe through a knowledge of its underlying mathematical properties.  As a somewhat irreligious man of the French Enlightenment, he was one of … Continue reading

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Some Thoughts On Probability

One of my favorite parts of mathematics, unsurprisingly perhaps, is probability.  Though Einstein once famously said, “God does not play dice,” there indeed do appear to be areas where chance is given a great deal of sway in the universe.  … Continue reading

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A Wet Day

One might think that in an area like Tampa, Florida, where a daily rainfall of a couple of inches (or more) is not uncommon, that there would be some kind of citywide drainage system that would be able to get … Continue reading

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1 Corinthians 1:25: Even The Weakness Of Our God

1 Corinthians 1:25, in the context of speaking about the difference between strength and weakness and wisdom and foolishness in the eyes of man and in the eyes of God, says the following:  “Because the foolishness of God is wiser … Continue reading

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On Becoming A Violist

[Note: As I commented on yesterday [1], this is the first note of a series on the viola. It provides a glimpse of another side of my involvement with music to my involvement with underground music [2] that I commented … Continue reading

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The Accidental Violist

One of the more unusual facts about me (and there are many) is that I’m a violist.  I’m not someone who played the violin first and then switched to add the viola as well (though I know at least two … Continue reading

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I am often intrigued by how different people can be involved with the same problem or concern at the same time without any awareness of each other.  An example of this occurred today at services. For example, I recently wrote, … Continue reading

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Syria Joins The Club

Right now there is an elite list of Middle Eastern dictatorships that have either collapsed in recent weeks [1] [2] or are tottering rather badly [3] [4].  To that illustrious list we can add Syria [5].  Syria’s dictatorship, despite its … Continue reading

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