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Lip Service

Monopolies really bug me.  Over the past few years, it has become clear that in a lot of very important industries there is a decreasing number of competitors.  Businessmen pay a lot of lip service to the concept of competition … Continue reading

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A Personal Library

I have long joked (maybe half-joked) about my personal library, but now that there are five bookscases that are reasonably full, I have to say that my personal library is starting to look a little more proper library-like.  Each of … Continue reading

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Only So Much Time In A Day: A Musing On Polyphasic Sleep

After an earlier musing on being an insomniac [1], one of my friends sent me a humorous and somewhat sarcastic article on the folly of polyphasic sleep.  Now, I happen to know a great many people with unconventional or unusual … Continue reading

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Somaliland Update: Friends In High Places and A Pakistani Two-Step

The news I tend to get about Somaliland tends to come in waves, and the news I got last night was no different.  There were two separate, and intriguing updates.  The first is an eloquent letter from a supporter of … Continue reading

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