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Matthew 5:21-22: The Problem of Contempt

Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.  Yesterday at church the sermonette speaker gave a very excellent message on Matthew 5:21-22, examining the murderous feelings that result in the use of expressions like ‘raca’ and ‘fool.’  Now, … Continue reading

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The Soft Power of Influence

There are two routes to choose when it comes to having power and influence.  The first route is through “hard power,” where one attempts to gain control over someone or something and rule it through domination.  The second way is … Continue reading

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You Still Haven’t Found What You’re Looking For

I like to comment on how and why people find this blog from time to time, and I thought it worthwhile to provide an update on what people are looking for when they stumble upon this blog.  As usual, I … Continue reading

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