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The Problem Of Simultaneous Fronts

From time to time I note [1] that sometimes the most ideal way to solve a problem is to make it bigger.  This is contrary to the usual expectation.  Normally, we like to solve a problem by making it smaller … Continue reading

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Who Killed The Door?

I started to press the pad on the door and then I stopped.  I had an idea in mind and I tried it out.  It worked to no surprise and the door opened without me having to type in the … Continue reading

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We Get That All The Time

At quiet desks analysts look at their e-mail requests for reports and spend hours stitching together excel spreadsheets from the phone reporting software that they use. When asked about what they do, and why the numbers look different depending on … Continue reading

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Book Review: Sleep Thieves

Sleep Thieves:  An Eye-Opening Exploration Into The Science & Mysteries Of Sleep, by Stanley Coren This book could have been a lot less enjoyable given the author’s approach as a committed believer in evolution, given my own thoughts about that, … Continue reading

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Team Building: TopGolf

Alright, so today from 2-5PM I spent my afternoon at TopGolf near the library not too far away from work and home, and I wanted to comment at least a little bit about it and give a bit of a … Continue reading

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Leaping The Hurdle Of Low Expectations

I have commented before [1] on the strange disconnect that often exists between my fervor in evaluating things and my strong aversion about being evaluated by others.  While I certainly have a bias and perspective, I consider myself to be … Continue reading

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Book Review: Company

Company, by Max Barry After writing two novels [1] dealing with real companies before which he had to write abject disclaimer notices begging the companies not to sue him for the ridiculous and over-the-top activities that he wrote about, Max … Continue reading

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I do not ordinary consider myself a particularly observant person.  To be sure, hypervigilance is a part of my repertoire, but as someone who has a lot on my mind I tend to be fairly distracted often by my own … Continue reading

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The Other Side Of Outsourcing

Often one reads of the way that so many tasks are outsourced and the way that companies feel that they can have tasks done by others for cheaper than they can do it for themselves, but often the practical outcome … Continue reading

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A Hidden Cost Of Regulation

As I comment on from time to time [1], I work as a data scientist for an insurance broker that hardly anyone has ever heard of.  In recent months I have been made responsible for processing commissions not only for … Continue reading

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