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Something Tells Me You’re Not Famous Anymore

What do you do when you’re no longer famous but still need to pay the bills?  Most of us who are normal people are not famous enough to matter anyway to those outside of our family and friends and perhaps … Continue reading

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Today’s Unpleasant Surprises And Why They Were Unpleasant

Note:  Just for the record, it is not as if all of the surprises that happened today were bad, but I wasn’t able to get around to talking about all of the surprises anyway. Every once in a while a … Continue reading

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Things Observed Through Pattern Recognition

There are some things that you cannot observe in isolation but must observe in larger patterns.  For example, I spent a fair amount of time this morning sitting in a courtroom in Hillsboro [1] watching a judge efficiently handle a … Continue reading

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Book Review: Flying At Night

Flying At Night:  Poems 1965-1985, by Ted Kooser This is the second book by the poet I have read, and it serves as a bit of a “best of” compilation, something that is common in poetry [1].  While it is … Continue reading

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Good Help Is Still Hard To Find

I read onetime, humorously enough, that doctors who are good at dealing graciously and kindly with patients (almost) never get sued for medical malpractice.  Although people skills is a soft skill and is not necessarily the sort of matter that … Continue reading

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Office Birdwatching

From time to time I enjoy reading about birders or engaging in some enjoyable birdwatching myself when it is convenient to do so.  I am no great master of the many types of tiny seedcatching birds that can be found … Continue reading

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And Hide Like Vampires From The Daylight

I find it frequently uncomfortable to have my blood drawn and to deal with medical professionals checking my blood pressure and so on.  I have previously noted [1] that this has been a stressful and not very enjoyable phenomenon in … Continue reading

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The Problem Of Simultaneous Fronts

From time to time I note [1] that sometimes the most ideal way to solve a problem is to make it bigger.  This is contrary to the usual expectation.  Normally, we like to solve a problem by making it smaller … Continue reading

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Who Killed The Door?

I started to press the pad on the door and then I stopped.  I had an idea in mind and I tried it out.  It worked to no surprise and the door opened without me having to type in the … Continue reading

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We Get That All The Time

At quiet desks analysts look at their e-mail requests for reports and spend hours stitching together excel spreadsheets from the phone reporting software that they use. When asked about what they do, and why the numbers look different depending on … Continue reading

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