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Book Review: Every Good Endeavor

Every Good Endeavor:  Connecting Your Work To God’s Work, by Timothy Keller In our contemporary day and age the problem of work and the dignity of work is a matter of considerable importance.  This has been true at all places … Continue reading

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Let’s Try To Focus On The Positive

Some years ago, when I watched television, there was a series of anti-smoking ads from a group that called itself Truth–quite a daring name to choose–and I was generally amused by their advertisements, not being a smoker.  One of their … Continue reading

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The Mysterious Case Of The Early-Morning Burglar

I was minding my business towards the end of the work-day, working on matching some policies between commissions and our CRM, when my supervisor commented that we nearly didn’t have work today.  My curiosity was piqued, so he and I … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Joy Of Doing Just Enough

The Joy Of Doing Just Enough:  The Secret Art Of Being Lazy And Getting Away With It, by Jennifer McCartney Secretly, or perhaps not so secretly now at least, I consider myself a lazy person.  Like many people, I justify … Continue reading

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Book Review: Rising Above A Toxic Workplace

Book Review:  Rising Above A Toxic Workplace:  Taking Care Of Yourself In An Unhealthy Environment, by Gary Chapman, Paul White, and Harold Myra [Note:  This book was provided free of charge by Moody Publishers.  All thoughts and opinions are my … Continue reading

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Some Downsides To Being A Creature Of Habit

Like most people, I am a creature of habit, and on days like today, I ponder on some of the downsides of that.  This morning, for example, when I went to work I found myself followed by a police officer … Continue reading

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A Game Of Cat And Mouse

One of the more intriguing phenomena of the Marvel Cinematic Universe in recent years has been the way in which the movies of the series like Captain America 3:  Civil War, Avengers:  Infinity War, and The Black Panther have made … Continue reading

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Something Tells Me You’re Not Famous Anymore

What do you do when you’re no longer famous but still need to pay the bills?  Most of us who are normal people are not famous enough to matter anyway to those outside of our family and friends and perhaps … Continue reading

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Today’s Unpleasant Surprises And Why They Were Unpleasant

Note:  Just for the record, it is not as if all of the surprises that happened today were bad, but I wasn’t able to get around to talking about all of the surprises anyway. Every once in a while a … Continue reading

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Things Observed Through Pattern Recognition

There are some things that you cannot observe in isolation but must observe in larger patterns.  For example, I spent a fair amount of time this morning sitting in a courtroom in Hillsboro [1] watching a judge efficiently handle a … Continue reading

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