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Let Another Take His Office: A Musing On Authority

I have noticed that over the course of this blog I have frequently discussed the question, in various forms, of the truth that authority figures are not irreplaceable.  It is a curious phenomenon that an entitlement mentality sneaks in for … Continue reading

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The River Runs Dry: A Musing on Political Culture

In reading Cadillac Desert [1], I pondered one of the reasons why partisanship has gotten nastier in the last decade and a half or so.  In my musings on political culture, I often see our times in the grim way … Continue reading

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Book Review: Get Out Of Our House: Revolution!

Get Out Of Our House:  Revolution!, by Tim Cox A book like this is difficult to review for a variety of reasons.  It is easy to review a book that one absolutely adores and agrees with entirely, and it is … Continue reading

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Get Out Of Our House: On Colossal Ambitions and Civics Education

Today, thanks to a ride from a friend, I was able to attend a meeting of a non-partisan civic advocacy group called Get Out Of Our House, or GOOOH for short.  (They have a website, at http://www.goooh.com, and have written … Continue reading

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