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Book Review: Music Of A Distant Drum

Music Of A Distant Drum, edited by Bernard Lewis For those who want to gain credibility as experts in a given field, this book is a good example of how to do so.  How does Lewis do it?  Well, he … Continue reading

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πράος / וַתְרָנִי

Meekness is a virtue easier preached than practiced.  That is certainly true of all of the virtues, but the virtue of meekness presents special difficulties that make it especially hard to practice well.  With most virtues, we have a good … Continue reading

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On The Many Faces Of A Stranger

There are many ways in which I have encountered the stranger.  From childhood, one of my favorite musicians has been Billy Joel [1], and one of his notable songs from the 1970’s was “The Stranger.”  It is probably not coincidental … Continue reading

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Book Review: Catalan

Teach Yourself Catalan:  A Complete Course For Beginners, by Alan Yates This is the sort of book that would be best in association with a formal course on Catalan, but since those are few and far between then books like … Continue reading

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Book Review: Teach Yourself Complete Catalan

Teach Yourself Complete Catalan, by Anna Poch Gasau and Alan Yates As someone who greatly enjoys reading about and improving my own knowledge of other languages [1], this book was a very interesting one to me.  For one, I found … Continue reading

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Waiting For It

Today, while I was reading a book, I was struck by something that I had never seen as a problem or difficulty.  Many people are aware of a standard of behavior known as the waiter rule, which lets people know … Continue reading

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Book Review: Woordenlijst/Wordlist

Woordenlijst/Wordlist:  Sranan-Nederlands; Nederlands-Sranan; English-Sranan with a list of plant and animal names This is a book that lives up to its name.  It is by no means a fancy or elegant read, but it is a book with some solid … Continue reading

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Things Learned So Far In Bogota

Since Thursday night I have been spending the time in Bogota with my parents and enjoying a massive but quite beautiful city.  I have not spend enough time here to develop anything close to serious insight, but as someone who … Continue reading

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Book Review: Who Killed Homer?

Who Killed Homer?:  The Demise Of Classical Education And The Recovery Of Greek Wisdom, by Victor Davis Hanson & John Heath I do not believe that I would be considered a classicist within the context of Academia.  As fond as … Continue reading

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Book Review: A Student’s Guide To The Classics

A Student’s Guide To The Classics, by Bruce S. Thornton I must admit that while I am not fluent in Greek or Latin, I have long had a complex relationship with the classics as a body of literature.  Without ever … Continue reading

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