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Fertilizing The Tree Of Liberty

In one of his more hyperbolic statements about liberty and freedom, which he was wont to say from time to time, Thomas Jefferson remarked that occasionally it was necessary for the tree of liberty to be fertilized with the blood … Continue reading

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Dark Night Of The Soul

Even though I got out of work early enough, by the time I made the long trip from Hillsboro to Washougal through rush hour traffic, it was a very dark night by the time I arrived at my destination, which … Continue reading

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The Inevitability Of Tragedy

Part of the tenor of Greek tragedies involves their inevitability. In a Greek tragedy, the end is known from the beginning, and the actions that the characters take to try to avoid that destiny only more inescapably wrap them in … Continue reading

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Trouble On My Street

I had it in mind early this afternoon to write a dryly humorous and somewhat mocking post that I may save for later, but events around me have conspired to make that post seem a little bit callow. Shortly before … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Ox-Bow Incident

The Ox-Bow Incident, by Walter Van Tilburg Clark It is unjust that such a moving and powerful book should be so neglected in these days after having its virtues praised and known during its own time, but there are at … Continue reading

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Book Review: Lord Jim

Lord Jim, by Joseph Conrad Lord Jim is, like all of Joseph Conrad’s books that I have read, a tale of tragic optimism in the way in which it is better to be good than to be evil, but that … Continue reading

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Happy Endings

Why do most stories have happy endings? One reason is that our day and time is not of the sort that appreciates tragedy. Though some of us (myself included) are of a tragic bent by nature or experience, it is … Continue reading

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