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Harden The Target

Whenever there are mass shootings or some other kind of related act of violence in the United States, there is on the side of leftists a hue and cry for tougher gun control laws.  While such appeals tend to fall … Continue reading

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All The Little Connections

It does appear as if the human mind is hard-wired to make connections, but given the way that memories are made and habits are formed through the building of neurons and paths between them, it would make perfect sense that … Continue reading

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Microaggressions And The Problem Of Proving Oneself Safe

As is often the case, those who have a leftist political worldview and label themselves progressives generally get almost everything wrong.  Be that as it may, they often present at least interesting problems to solve that demonstrate the basic symmetry … Continue reading

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A Thin Blue Line: Part Two

Having previously introduced the topic of the legitimacy of police and related professions within the Church of God community, I would like to take this time to discuss the nature of police action and how it appears within the Bible.  While … Continue reading

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A Thin Blue Line: Part One

As I commented on before [1], a friend of mine and his wife recently visited Portland, and I had a discussion with them about various matters.  Much to my surprise, he mentioned that he had recently graduated from the very … Continue reading

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Objective Reasonableness In Police Activity: A Constitutional Essay

This past weekend I was able to spend some time with a longtime friend of mine from Los Angeles who had recently graduated as a sheriff’s deputy for Los Angeles County, and shortly before this I found out that another … Continue reading

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This Time

The sound of the sirens gets louder and louder and nearer and nearer as I sit with my back to the window and my head facing a computer at which I am trying to write. “Are they coming for me … Continue reading

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In Defense Of The Juggalo

Who is a juggalo and why am I speaking in his (or her) defense?  Although some of my readers may be familiar with juggalos as an organized group, many may not, as the term identifies those who are fans of … Continue reading

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A Summer Of Resistance

Yesterday morning my cell phone gave me the unpleasant news that two Republican members of the House of Representatives had been shot while practicing baseball.  Since then it has been instructive, and more than a little bit alarming, what sort … Continue reading

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Book Review: Fatal Frost

Fatal Frost, by Nancy Mehl [Note:  This book was given free of charge by Baker Publishing.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.] Whether or not you like this novel depends a lot on the sort of expectations and standards … Continue reading

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