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Book Review: Lost White Tribes

Lost White Tribes: The End Of Privilege An The Last Colonials In Sri Lanka, Jamaica, Brazil, Haiti, Namibia, and Guadalupe, by Riccardo Orizio Someone who judged this book by its unfortunate title would assume that the colonials spoken of in … Continue reading

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To Serve And Protect

This morning I happened to read an article about a police shooting in rural Western Pennsylvania, in the same county where I spent my early childhood and the time my father had custody after my parents split up during my … Continue reading

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Book Review: Operation Nimrod

Operation Nimrod: The Iranian Embassy Seige, by Russell Phillips [Note: This book was provided free of charge by the author in exchange for an honest review.] It is intriguing when one reads a set of books by the same author … Continue reading

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I spent the years of my life between about 14 and 24 living in areas where I was one part of the minority population in Tampa as well as South-Central Los Angeles (where I attended college at USC). In both … Continue reading

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Consider Your Target Reached

Yesterday, I saw an amusing video for one of my more obscure Coursera classes on the manuscripts of Medieval Spain, and the professor of the course was pleased that most of the people in the class already had degrees (many … Continue reading

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Book Review: Stalling For Time

Stalling For Time: My Life As An FBI Negociator, by Gary Noesner I was loaned this book last Sabbath a fellow member of the congregation who enjoys reading as well [1], and found this book to be thankfully short (only … Continue reading

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Before They Come Knocking On Your Door

Given the history of the Jews in Eastern Europe, the somewhat conflicting stories about a request for registration with the quisling Russian-supported government of Eastern Ukraine would lead to alarm from a population that has seen this movie before [1]. … Continue reading

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Even While We Sleep, We Will Find You Acting On Your Best Behavior

About five minutes or so ago I took a small dose of herbal melatonin, to use myself (as is often the case) as an experiment in finding aids to sleep given the fact that my mind tends to race and … Continue reading

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A Momentary Lapse Of Reason

In our lives, it may be tempting for us to reject the importance of those little moments where our destiny is often decided by choices made under deep pressure and in absence of the control that marks most of the … Continue reading

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Why Do They Always Run?

As I have commented on before [1], I have a great love of the television show Cops. One of the more curious matters that one finds on the show often is that people run a lot, and it seldom does … Continue reading

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