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Return Of The Native Son: Introduction

This particular novel was written for the NaNoWriMo competition in November 2021, and one of the aspects of this particular novel writing event, which I have participated in for several years now (my first effort was in 2012), is that … Continue reading

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An Introduction To The Return Of The Native Son Project

This year for my NaNoWriMo project I am writing a novel that is set in the mid 1780’s, shortly before the Regency period, called “Return Of The Native Son,” as a way of looking at what historical novels are like … Continue reading

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An Introduction To The On Creativity Project

For some months, a co-worker and I have been occasionally chatting in our breakroom or at a local Shari’s Restaurant or in his dining room (along with his wife) about the subject of creativity and our shared interest in it.  … Continue reading

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Book Review: Faith And Obedience: An Introduction To Biblical Law

Faith And Obedience:  An Introduction To Biblical Law, by Rousas John Rushdoony For quite some time [1] I have been familiar with the writings of many Theonomists, which is largely responsible for my somewhat dim view of the apologetic efforts … Continue reading

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An Introduction To The Psalms Commentary Project

One of my more ambitious projects is to write a short commentary on every single psalm as part of this blog. This entry is designed to provide readers of my blog with a place to find my comments on various … Continue reading

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