An Introduction To The Return Of The Native Son Project

This year for my NaNoWriMo project I am writing a novel that is set in the mid 1780’s, shortly before the Regency period, called “Return Of The Native Son,” as a way of looking at what historical novels are like from the point of view of a man instead of, as they are usually written, from the point of view of a woman. This particular book will be a short novel given the constraints of the 30-day writing period of at least 50,000 words, and will be divided into several chapters. Here I will summarize, briefly, the contents of each chapter and share the links to the contents of the book as they are written.

Chapter One: Almost Home

A young man is returning to his home area, where he has succeeded his grandfather as Viscount Lipton. Before returning home he runs into some maternal relatives of his while rescuing a girl from unwanted attention, and the result leads to a family discussion.

Chapter Two: Three Interviews

Upon returning home, the young Viscount surprises his staff by seeking to discuss his plans with three people, the manager of his estates, the local rector, as well as the member of Parliament for the rotten borough that the Viscount is now in charge of, and there he tries to form his plans about what to do with his life now that he has inherited as somewhat of a surprise.

Chapter Three: Presentation In London

Not long after returning home, the young Viscount finds himself going to London in order to talk to the King as well as the colonial secretary about matters relating to his experience in East Florida. While there he meets the colonial secretary’s lovely daughter, who takes an interest in him.

Chapter Four: The Viscount And His Ward

The Viscount finds himself responsible for his young cousin when she is more or less dumped on him by his maternal uncle, and he strives to do what is responsible in order to provide her with the best chance for success, which is all the more difficult as he has no experience in educating and raising a young woman.

Chapter Five: A Banquet In The Country

The Viscount attempts to throw a public banquet to deal with various matters, including attempts to court the daughter of the colonial secretary as well as the disposition of his home seat of Parliament, and things immediately go awry.

Chapter Six: After The Banquet

The fallout from the banquet is taken into account, including politics, his family and household, and his relationship, and plans are made for moving forward for the Viscount to achieve his goals of finding an honorable place within the British aristocracy.

Chapter Seven: A Banquet In The City

The Viscount, who is still trying to figure out what is going on, is invited to a banquet hosted by the Colonial secretary, where the Viscount finds himself dealing with a different type of fallout relating to his own experience, character, and social position.

Chapter Eight: Exchanges Of Letters

After the banquet in the city, a wide variety of letters are written between various parties as people try to figure out where they stand and what to do.

Chapter Nine: A Wedding And A Honeymoon And An Election

The Viscount, thanks to a special license, is able to get married in suitable style in the city before he takes his new wife back to his country home. Not too long after, the election is held, which allows the Viscount to tie up some loose business as he works to take care of his family and estate and finds himself involved in affairs of state.

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