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One Less Day From Dying Young

For some people aging is a gradual process that comes on slowly where declining strength and energy are matched for a long period of time by growing savvy and wisdom. For other people the process is more akin to being … Continue reading

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And The Hits Keep Coming

There is a saying that lightning never strikes the same place once, but that saying is even a bad one by the standard of bad urban legends.  Early in his political career, Abraham Lincoln made political hay of the fact … Continue reading

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Father Figures In Rocky V

Last night I had the chance to watch Rocky V for the first time in a long time. The movie, which seems to have been designed to send off the Rocky series (which since has either two or three future … Continue reading

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Going Down Swinging Like Zab Judah

A few years ago, there was a famous boxer named Zab Judah who was a regular contender for various boxing belts but was not considered to be quite on the same level as the best boxers in his division like … Continue reading

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Running Scared

As is occasionally the case, this morning I found an odd connection between a humorous picture posted online by an acquaintance and a story about one of the sports I happen to follow somewhat closely (boxing). In both cases the … Continue reading

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Games People Play

This year’s Olympic Games have been full of actions that have been contrary to the spirit of maximum effort and a desire to win, as well as full of corruption on the side of judges. These scandals and controversies are … Continue reading

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Tastes Like Chicken

I may not look or sound like a “typical” fan of fighting sports, but I love a good boxing or MMA match, and I have long been a fan of a good fight. I suppose I have a bit of … Continue reading

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Let’s Settle This Like Men

On March 11, 2012, in Danielson, Connecticut, there will be a boxing match between two men who are training hard with boxing trainers for the match, which will be a heavyweight bout with a weight limit between 190-215 pounds. There … Continue reading

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Just Call Me The Chinacutioner

In boxing, boxers who tear through other boxers of a particular ethnic group are often given the name -cutioner.  For example, Manny Pacquiano is often called a Mexicutioner [1], something that seriously bothers him personally [2], because of his record … Continue reading

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Pacquiano And The So-Called Wage-Price Spiral

Readers of this blog may be aware that I am a fan of Manny Pacquiano [1], but they  may not be aware of the fact that Pacman (as he is affectionately called) is a Congressman in the Philippines.  Today I … Continue reading

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