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Trauma Is The Original Gateway Drug

Recently I have started seeing the quote “Trauma is the original gateway drug” on the post of some friends of mine with interests in mental health. Whether or not this statement can be taken at face value, it brings up … Continue reading

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Book Review: Round Ireland With A Fridge

Round Ireland With A Fridge, by Tony Hawks This book answers a question that I do not believe I have ever wondered about, and that is how one successfully travels the circuit of Ireland with a fridge.  This book lives … Continue reading

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Book Review: Wild Winemaking

Wild Winemaking:  Easy & Adventurous Recipies Going Beyond Grapes, by Richard W. Bender Having read a couple of the author’s books on bonsai, I was intrigued to read this particular volume on winemaking, figuring it would continue his generally enjoyable … Continue reading

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Book Review: Can I Keep Drinking?

Can I Keep Drinking?:  How You Can Decide When Enough Is Enough, by Cyndi Turner [Note:  This book was provided free of charge by Author’s Den.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.] Although for rather personal reasons I choose … Continue reading

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Habits Of Close Attention, Thinking Heads, Become More Rare As Dissipation Spreads

From time to time [1] I find the interactions of life sufficient material for deep thoughtful meditation and reflection.  So it was last night when I found myself trying to peacefully read while drinking iced tea and munching on mozzarella … Continue reading

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The Handwriting’s On The Wall

One of the most intriguing incidents of God bringing a warning, albeit a belated one, is in Daniel 5. The story of the disembodied hand writing out “mene mene tekel upharsin” has long been a source of commentary for many … Continue reading

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The Feast Of Booze

This evening while I was writing my earlier blog entry I happened to see a scene that was lamentable but also sadly not very uncommon. I happened to see a person who had gotten drunk and was slightly underage who … Continue reading

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