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Book Review: Deliver The Vote

Deliver The Vote:  A History Of Election Fraud, An American Political Tradition–1742-2004, by Tracy Campbell It is quite likely that election fraud started before 1742, the earliest example cited in this thorough book and it certainly went beyond 2004, when … Continue reading

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One Person, One Vote, One Time

In the early American republic, there was a great deal of turnover in most political offices.  Presidents, by tradition, only served two terms in honor of the example of George Washington.  Many districts, like Abraham Lincoln’s congressional district, featured far … Continue reading

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Vox Populi, Vox Dei

Yesterday, the visiting pastor giving the sermon message for the Sabbath made several references to the same quotation from a 1980 article or sermon by Herbert W. Armstrong, in which the question was asked whether we are to be a … Continue reading

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A Theoretical Basis For Democracy

For several years, I had a long-running argument with my father about the question of government. For very deeply-held reasons on both sides, he viewed anything that was a participatory government as being a sign of “demonocracy” or some other … Continue reading

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Stay Standing

When I lived in Thailand, one of the notable quirks of life there was the fact that before every soccer or Muay Thai match or even every movie or play, the audience was expected to stand for the royal anthem, … Continue reading

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Still In The Ghetto

It has been about a year since pogroms and ethnic warfare erupted in the Rakhine state of Burma. Normally, the events of a remote part of a country that is little thought of or regarded in the West would not … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Pocket Catechism Of The Constitution Of The United States

The Pocket Catechism Of The Constitution Of The United States, by Arthur J. Stansbury The Liberty Alliance version of this book does not make plain the original author of this work, which required a bit of investigation to uncover, for … Continue reading

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Non-Book Review: Internal Security Services In Liberalizing States

Internal Security Services In Liberalizing States: Transitions, Turmoil, and (In)Security, by Joseph L. Derdzinski Being a person who has some personal experience in dealing with security services in a “liberalizing” street there the facade and reality of democracy are rather … Continue reading

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Somaliland Update: Free And Fair

For today’s Somaliland update, we bring you an account of the recent Somaliland local elections as well as a look at Somaliland’s praise of a spokesman for Somaliland recognition from the UK, showing how in stark contrast to the problems … Continue reading

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The Kings Never Smile

Today I was sent an interesting scholarly essay on kingship that compares two contemporary monarchs, Juan Carlos of Spain and Bhomipol of Thailand [1]. The essay argues rather convincingly that both personal and structural elements are at the base of … Continue reading

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