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Book Review: The War For Korea, 1945-1950

The War For Korea, 1945-1950: A House Burning, by Allan R. Millet Success has a million helpers, but failure is an orphan. It is a telling sign of the author’s modesty and ambition that his book begins with a lengthy … Continue reading

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The Longest Day

Today has been the longest day of my life so far. My day began at around midnight, I was leaving Chiang Mai on my way to South Korea. The flight was uneventful, except that I had been asked to switch … Continue reading

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Let The Bodies Hit The Floor

It is clear that the Chinese political and economic elites have a very different view of the sanctity of the human body than I do. I am of the belief that one shows honor to dead bodies by giving them … Continue reading

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The Juggler’s Dilemma

I have never taken up juggling as a hobby, because I don’t feel I have great coordination and because I tend to focus too much on one ball at a time rather than trying to get the whole system of … Continue reading

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Yeonpyeong Island and Fort Sumter: An Essay on Provocation

In the face of war threats from North Korea [1], South Korea promises to conduct artillery drills from Yeonpyeong Island, the island fired upon last month by North Korea’s forces in a move that brought the Korean Penninsula to the … Continue reading

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