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Satan Before Eden: Isaiah 14:12-21

One of the more fascinating questions about Satan in the Bible is what happened before the events of Genesis 3, when Satan tempted Eve in the Garden of Eden.  There have been a lot of speculations about this, but the … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Babylonian Theorem

The Babylonian Theorem: The Mathematical Journey To Pythagoras And Euclid, by Peter S. Rudman Very few people, likely only those who are particularly interested in both geometric algebra as well as ancient history, are likely to find a book such … Continue reading

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The Handwriting’s On The Wall

One of the most intriguing incidents of God bringing a warning, albeit a belated one, is in Daniel 5. The story of the disembodied hand writing out “mene mene tekel upharsin” has long been a source of commentary for many … Continue reading

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Psalm 137: Rivers Of Babylon

Thanks to the “band” Boney M, Psalm 137 may be one of the best known psalms in pop music. It seems somewhat ironic that Boney M, a group of mostly Jamaicans who fronted a band run by a German producer … Continue reading

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Let Him Who Has Understanding Calculate The Number…

Revelation 13:18 has perhaps the most famous math problem in the whole Bible, and being a math problem it is very frequently misunderstood. It reads: “Here is wisdom. Let him who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for … Continue reading

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Leviticus 21:17-23: For Any Man Who Has A Defect

It was not an automatic matter that a descendent of Aaron would become a priest of God fit to serve at the tabernacle or temple of God.  In fact, Leviticus 20, part of the regulations for priestly conduct (which are … Continue reading

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Book Review: Spirit Of Antichrist

Spirit Of Antichrist Against The Hebrew God Of Creation:  The Babylonian Heritage In Modern Christianity, by Alan Knight The second book in Alan Knight’s series on the World of Primitive Christianity [1], this volume provides a survey of history about … Continue reading

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Habakkuk: A Bible Study

In order to put the judgment of God and the return of Christ into context, it is useful to look at the book of Habakkuk, which provides a picture of what God does when His people are wicked, and then … Continue reading

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Mene Mene Tekel Upharsin

Her name was Ennigaldi. Not much is known of her [1], for though she was a powerful woman, the first known museum curator in the entire world, a high priestess of Nanna, with her home on in the temple on … Continue reading

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Ezra 2:26, 41-42, Nehemiah 7:30, 44-45: The Sons of Korah Return From The Babylonian Captivity

When one reads the census of those who returned with Zerubbabel from the Babylonian captivity, one finds a very curious truth:  not a lot of Levites returned.  While Ezra 2:26-39 shows that 4,289 priests returned to Jerusalem, only 341 Levites … Continue reading

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