Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Snubs

Many of my most perennially popular posts are my lengthy series on Rock & Roll Hall of Fame snubs. There are, sadly, very many of these, ranging from undeservedly obscure acts to acts that would appear to be no brainers on account of their combination of influence, popular success, and critical appeal. In fact, one could make a very good Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame out of the snubs for the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio. I have therefore decided that this particular theme of mine deserves a page to collect all of the posts together as well as provide a place where people can suggest bands/artists for me to cover. As always, I appreciate your feedback, as long as it’s not trolling.

Note: Heart, Donna Summer, and Rush were inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, class of 2013. Cat Stevens was inducted in 2014.  Chicago, Steve Miller, and NWA were inducted in 2016.  ELO, Journey, Yes, and Nile Rogers were inducted in 2017.  The Cars, Bon Jovi, Dire Straits, and the Moody Blues were inducted in 2018.  Janet Jackson, Stevie Nicks, The Cure, The Zombies, and Def Leppard were inducted in 2019.  Whitney Houston, Depeche Mode, and the Doobie Brothers were inducted in 2020.  The Foo Fighters, Go-Gos, Jay-Z, Todd Rundgren, Carole King, and Kraftwerk were inducted in 2021.  Duran Duran, Pat Benatar, the Eurythmics, Lionel Richie, and Carly Simon were inducted in 2022.

The current roster of Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Snubs (In Order Of Writing):

1. Chicago (Inducted 2016)

2. Kraftwerk (Inducted 2021)

3. The Steve Miller Band (Inducted 2016)

4. Rush (Inducted 2013)

5. The Moody Blues (Inducted 2018)

6. Heart (Inducted 2013)

7. Bryan Adams

8. Paul Carrack

9. Sweet

10. The Doobie Brothers (Inducted 2020)

11. Donna Summer (Inducted 2013)

12. The Carpenters

13. Joy Division/New Order

14. Electric Light Orchestra (Inducted 2017)/Jeff Lynne/The Traveling Wilburys

15. Bon Jovi (Inducted 2018)

16. Gerry Rafferty

17. The Cars (Inducted 2018)

18. Cat Stevens / Yusuf Islam (Inducted 2014)

19. Tears For Fears

20. Dire Straits (Inducted 2018)

21. Badfinger

22. Gram Parsons / The International Submarine Band / The Flying Burrito Brothers

23. Talk Talk

24. “Weird Al” Yankovic

25. Gloria Estefan / Miami Sound Machine

26. Pat Boone

27. Frank Sinatra

28. Janet Jackson (Inducted 2019)

29. Amy Grant

30. Kate Bush

31. Three Dog Night

32. The Alan Parsons Project

33. Chic/Nile Rogers (Inducted 2017)

34. Sting

35. Phil Collins

36. Toto

37. Michael Kamen

38. The Eurythmics (Inducted 2022)

39. Tommy James And The Shondells

40. Journey (Inducted 2017)

41. Celine Dion

42. Connie Francis

43. Joe Cocker

44. Whitney Houston (Inducted 2020)

45. Jim Croce

46. Helen Reddy

47. Cher/Sonny & Cher

48. The Kingston Trio

49. Yes (Inducted 2017)

50. Dan Fogelberg

51. Foreigner

52. Depeche Mode (Inducted 2020)

53. NWA/Dr. Dre (NWA inducted 2016)

54. Luis Miguel

55. Sarah McLachlan

56. Mariah Carey

57. Pat Benatar (Inducted 2022)

58. Huey Lewis & The News

59. Emerson, Lake, & Palmer

60. Robert Plant

61. Barbra Streisand

62. The Cure (Inducted 2019)

63. Steve Winwood

64. Tony!  Toni!  Tonè!

65. Don Henley

66. 10,000 Maniacs

67. Indigo Girls

68. J. Geils Band

69. The Monkees

70.  Meat Loaf

71. Wham!/George Michael

72. Peter Cetera

73. Stevie Nicks (Inducted 2019)

74. Luther Vandross

75. Bad Company

76. New Edition/Bobby Brown/Bell Biv Devoe

77. Boston

78. Kid Rock

79. Duran Duran (Inducted 2022)

80.  Richard Marx

81. Kansas

82. Alabama

83. Captain Beefheart

84. Boyz II Men

85.  Neil Sedaka

86. Seals & Crofts

87. Johann Pachelbel

88. Classics IV

89.  Allison Krauss & Union Station

90.  Grand Funk Railroad

91. Carly Simon (Inducted 2022)

92. Kenny G

93.  The Youngbloods

94.  Paul Revere & The Raiders

95. The Zombies (Inducted 2019)

96. Golden Earring

97. Barry Manilow

98. Missy Elliott

99. Joe Walsh

100. Leslie Gore

101.  INXS

102. Styx

103. Big Star

104. Collective Soul

105.  The Replacements

106.  The Box Tops

107.  Hukser Du

108.  Def Leppard (Inducted 2019)

109.  Peter, Paul, And Mary

110.  Jethro Tull

111. Dave Matthews Band

112. En Vogue

113. Outkast

114. Blood, Sweat, And Tears

115.  Rufus Featuring Chaka Khan

116.  Counting Crows

117.  Wheezer

118. Goo Goo Dolls

119. Petula Clark

120. Billy Idol

121. .38 Special

122. Little River Band

123. Dan Hartman

124. Sheryl Crow

125. Lenny Kravitz

126. Beck

127. Blink-182

128. Usher

129. Aaliyah

130. Charlie Daniels

131. Motley Crue

132. The Marshall Tucker Band

133. Diana Ross

134. Todd Rundgren (Inducted 2021)

135. Peter Frampton

136. Eddie Money

137. Paula Abdul

138. Soundgarden

139. Kylie Minogue

140. Dionne Warwick

141. Michael Bolton

142. Billy Squier

143. MC5

144.  The Fixx

145.  Men At Work

146. Robert Palmer

147. Bruce Hornsby

148. The B-52s

149. Vanessa Williams

150. Tommy Roe

151. The Commodores / Lionel Richie (Inducted 2022)

152. Rick Astley

153.  Foo Fighters (Inducted 2021)

154.  Jan & Dean

155. America

156. Alanis Morissette

157. The Cranberries

158. The Human League

159.  Rick Springfield

160. Jay-Z (Inducted 2021)

161. The Outfield

162. The Dixie Hummingbirds

163. The Go-Gos (Inducted 2021)

164. The Corrs

165.  Belinda Carlisle

166. DC Talk

167. Melissa Etheridge

168. Carole King (Inducted 2021)

169. The New York Dolls

Why Aren’t They In The Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame: The New York Dolls

170.  Devo

Why Aren’t They In The Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame: Devo

171. Rage Against The Machine

Why Aren’t They In The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame: Rage Against The Machine

172. Fela Kuti

Why Aren’t They In The Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame: Fela Kuti

173. Matchbox 20

Why Aren’t They In The Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame: Matchbox 20

174. Nickelback

Why Aren’t They In The Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame: Nickelback

What other bands do you think should be on this list?  Any other suggestions are welcome below.

210 Responses to Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Snubs

  1. And for you readers there, I have a lengthy list of snubs I’m considering writing about, including: Dire Straits, Phil Collins, Peter Gabriel, Bon Jovi, Yes, Cheap Trick, Kiss, Journey, Foreigner, Badfinger, Big Star, Deep Purple, The Carpenters, Cat Stevens, Def Lepard, Depeche Mode, Donna Summer, Duran Duran, John Coultrane, Gram Parsons, Gerry Rafferty, Gloria Estefan / Miami Sound Machine, Electric Light Orchestra, Hall & Oates, Joy Division / New Order, Weird Al Yankovic, The B-52’s, The Eurythmics, INXS, Janet Jackson, The Cars, NWA, Three Dog Night, Judas Priest, King Crimson, Linda Rondstadt, The Monkees, and LL Cool J. If you want this list expanded upon, or have someone in mind and want to make it a priority (because I’ve got enough material to write one of these a month for a couple years or more), please comment. Thanks :).

  2. Most popular Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Snubs Pages (5/21/2012):

    1. Chicago
    2. The Moody Blues
    3. The Steve Miller Band
    4. Rush
    5. Kraftwerk
    6. Bryan Adams
    7. The Doobie Brothers
    8. Sweet
    9. Heart

    Neither Paul Carrack nor Donna Summer have made it to the Top 500 posts, yet.

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  4. Sea Slipper says:

    Brian Esptein, Beatles manager!!!!1

  5. Bill Neal says:

    Add to that list, Paul Revere And The Raiders, The Zombies, Golden Earring

  6. kenny condroiton says:

    donna summer? really? just call it an american music hall of fame, then.That’s not Rock n Roll.

  7. The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame is generally made of Americans and Brits. Canadians and other Europeans (other than Abba, much less anyone else) has had a really difficult time achieving credibility with those who make up the voters for the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Donna Summer was worthy in account of what she did in the United States, especially during the disco era, given her undoubted influence.

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  9. Rick says:

    Steve miller should of been in there years ago ,that just blows me away,maybe he doesn’t want his name on this fucked up list.

  10. Mike says:

    JANET JACKSON! Janet’s resume` is solid and she at least deserves a nomination.

    • I agree. Her resume is solid and I will address her case when I get back into looking at the 1980’s, as she is one of the many deserving cases from that decade, along with Whitney Houston (to give but one example). As I go through about only about one snub per month, I have a few years worth of material to write on the subject so far :B.

      • Mike says:

        Glad to hear that! Janet was virtually unstoppable from 1986-2001. Janet and Madonna basically ruled that timeframe. Madonna’s already in, yet Janet hasn’t even received a nomination. Seems very odd.

      • I agree wholeheartedly :). I really don’t understand that logic at all either.

      • Bill Grainger says:

        Whitney Houston had an amazing voice, but she didn’t write any of her lyrics. That’s where Janet Jackson has her beat, in my opinion. Janet wrote or co-wrote all of her material from Control (1986) through 20 Y.O. (2006).

      • That is certainly true, and that is one consideration one must account for as well. That said, there are plenty of singers/bands in the R&R HOF who did not write their own lyrics, especially for their most significant songs, including (ironically) the Patti Smith Group, whose biggest hit was written by Bruce Springsteen. If not writing one’s own songs does not hurt Motown groups of the 1960’s, it shouldn’t hurt Whitney Houston. However, being a great songwriter as well as a singer ought to help Janet Jackson (as well as other similar candidates, like Gerry Rafferty, who was a phenomenal songwriter as well).

  11. Mike says:

    The Super Bowl fallout is what seems to keeping Janet out of the conversations and that’s ridiculous. Absolutely ridiculous.

    • I agree; that incident sounds pretty rock & roll to me, I must admit. I would tend to think that daring behavior is generally what ought to give someone rock & roll credibility, not take it away, but that’s another conversation, I suppose.

  12. Dave says:

    Kansas is a huge snub to me, up there with the Moody Blues, Yes, and Deep Purple. I also think if Metallica is in, then how can Iron Maiden be overlooked. Finally, if Guns n Roses gets in on the strength of a great first album and solid follow uyp, but little else, then how do you snub Boston? There are so many others. I know when I did visit the hall a few years ago, I left more upset than impressed, which is too bad because there are many worthy inductees, but some not so much, and far too many of these snubs, and little attempt to rectify this problem. Just my thoughts on the subject.

    • Boston and Kansas are huge snubs; I do plan on writing about them, but since I only do this feature about once a month on my blog, there are a lot of worthy omissions. Yes and Deep Purple and Iron Maiden should be on the list as well, I agree.

  13. Dave Haines says:

    Steppenwolf, Procol Harum & Moby Grape should also be included on the list of snubs! Deep Purple should have been in there eons ago!

  14. River says:

    The Cure
    Siouxsie & the Banshees
    Depeche Mode
    Midnight Oil
    Husker Du
    The Pixies

    • Yes, these are all great bands to write about and all of them are on my list–some of them, like Depeche Mode and The Cure, have been ones I have wanted to write about for a long while, and other bands of these like Midnight Oil and Husker Du have managed to make it into other entries but will probably merit entries in this series before too long, along with bands like the Replacements.

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  16. Jim Edens says:

    I definitely liked your blog about Gerry Rafferty, who in my opinion is one of the greatest singer/songwriters to ever grace this planet… but I am disappointed that another man that I think is every bit as talented and accomplished as Gerry hasn’t even been mentioned, and that would be Dan Fogelberg. Both men are pure poets who have the ability to put perfect musical notes behind their prose and sing it with such feeling and clarity. They should both be in the Hall of Fame.

  17. Roy says:


    The Cars
    Chaka Khan
    Cheap Trick
    Deep Purple
    The J.B.’s
    Janet Jackson
    Los Lobos
    Nine Inch Nails
    The Smiths
    The Spinners
    Steve Miller


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  20. John Rocheleau says:

    How about Pat Benatar???? One of the top selling female artists of the 80’s. She has definitely left her mark in Rock & Roll history plus has definitely influenced a legion of other female artists who come after her. In 2014 she celebrated 35 years in the business plus she is still touring today! She is definitely a rock icon and I can’t understand why she hasn’t yet been inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of fame? She was the poster child of 80’s New Wave music and her music videos saw heavy rotation on MTV! I believe she had 19 top 40 hits between 1980 and 1988. I believe she co-write some of her songs as well. Amazing talent!

  21. Ken Amon says:

    I can’t believe the Replacements are not being mentioned

    • I have written about them elsewhere in passing, but their turn will come for an entire entry in this series. The RRHOF has not been quick to induct indy rock bands from the pre-grunge era.

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  24. Jim Kelsey says:

    I find it interesting that only two artists that I have a collection of albums are included in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame: Chicago & Rush. Many of the artists that you have listed are some of my favorites: the Alan Parsons Project, Journey, Dan Fogelberg, The Moody Blues, and my second all-time favorite band, Toto. Three artists that are also favorites of mine that are not included in the Hall of Fame are Barry Manilow, Asia, and Styx. I would agree with you that all of these artists are phenomenal musicians and bring a level of creativity, refinement, and artistry not readily seen in the pop/rock industry. As a person who studied classical piano in high school, I gravitated towards artists who aimed for excellence. Having earned a graduate degree in music composition, I still hold these artists in high regard some thirty years later. It is my unproven belief that those who make the decisions as to who do and don’t make it in have never studied music seriously nor do they have an appreciation for technical skill. They seem to desire a certain image that they want to promote – an image that you so poignantly described as raw and undefined. They criticize these bands as being over-produced, a slap in the face for those bands who want a polished sound. I hope your voice gets heard and appreciate your posts!

    • Thanks muchly. I appreciate your comments; I happen to be a classically trained violist myself, so from that experience springs my own fondness for classical music as well as professional musicianship. I have not written about Barry Manilow, Asia, and Styx, but they will undoubtedly be written about eventually as I write this series roughly monthly.

  25. Steve says:

    You forgot Tina Turner and Stevie Nicks as solo artists, Cyndi Lauper, Cher, Carly Simon, Carole King (although she’s in as a writer), Barbra Streisand, and Weird Al.

    • I have written about Cher and Weird Al, but all the rest are worthy of induction and are definitely on my list to write about.

    • Alright, Steve, I looked it up and I couldn’t believe that Barbra Streisand hadn’t yet been inducted. I’ve got her scheduled for June 1st. The others I haven’t written about: Tina Turner, Stevie Nicks, Cyndi Lauper, Carly Simon, and Carole King as an artist, are on the list and I will get to them eventually. I have a rather large backlog but none of those are on them yet.

  26. Gale says:

    Barry Manilow. His decades of work and reach are undeniable. Went to rrhof recently and was really surprised he wasn’t there.

    • You know, I agree with you, but I have about half a dozen other acts already written, so I will definitely get to him, as he belongs as part of the “easy listening” and adult contemporary acts snubbed.

  27. well we all agree on many who should be in the hof but what about who shouldnt be .i’ll start first ,ice cube

  28. Adrian says:

    The Neal Morse Band. This guy Neal Morse is so overlooked. So talented and he is a Christian guy too. His most recent album “The Grand Experiment” is a fantastic album from start to finish both lyrically and especially musically. He has hands in other bands , supergroups like Flying Colors that feature other people like Steve Morse from Deep Purple ,Transatlantic and has amazing solo albums. The influence and leadership in prog rock is undeniable. Total snub!

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  30. Dennis Holiday says:

    You people left out a big one. Grand Funk Railroad should be on this list. IN they day nobody could beat there live concerts.And they had some good albums to.

    • You know, that’s one I’ve had in mind for a while. Their career, after all, is a lot like that of inductee the Red Hot Chili Peppers. The omission is only a temporary one, and I will get to it, eventually :p. Hopefully sooner rather than later.

  31. Evelyn says:

    The Monkees need to be in. I know they were in television, but they became a real band soon after.
    They even outsold The Beatles and The Rolling Stones in 1967!

  32. Wayne Trznadel says:

    Two others not mentioned that I think SHOULD ABSOLUTELY BE IN THE HALL OF FAME. Roxy Music and Warren Zevon.

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  35. Alright, I wanted to keep my readers here aware of the posts that are currently scheduled in this series: January 2017: George Michael, Peter Cetera, February 2017: Stevie Nicks, March 2017: Bad Company, April 2017: Boston, May 2017: Duran Duran, June 2017: Kansas, July 2017: Captain Beefheart, August 2017: Neil Sedaka, September 2017: Johann Pachelbel (early influence), October 2017: Allison Krauss & Union Station, November 2017: Carly Simon, December 2017: Paul Anka, January 2018: Paul Revere & The Raiders, February 2018: Golden Earring. Obviously, there are a lot left to write :p.

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  37. michael says:

    The one band that everyone seems to agree on as one of the biggest snubs ever is the Moody Blues, and one wonders if someone associated with the RRHOF has some sort of vendetta against them. There has to be a reason why one of most successful bands in R&R history, selling millions of records and still selling out arena to this day, has been ignored. I, for one, will never take the RRHOF seriously until the Moodies are in.

    • One wonders why that would be the case. I’ve never heard anything have hostility against them, and they managed to make great music in a variety of genres over the span of several decades. This is one of the more obvious no-brainers in terms of induction.

  38. Andrew Horowitz says:

    Grass roots the turtles. Winter brothers grand funk railroad. Three dog night blood sweet and tears
    10 years after america

    • I will have to research the Grass Roots. I agree on the Turtles. I don’t know who Winter Brothers is. Grand Funk Railroad is definitely an act I will write about, especially since the Red Hot Chili Peppers are in the RRHOF. I believe I have already written on Three Dog Night, and I agree about Blood, Sweat, and Tears and America. I have no idea who 10 Years After are. For the most part, a solid list 🙂

  39. Andrew Horowitz says:

    Edger winter and Johnny winter. 10 years after were at Woodstock and Jan and dean

  40. Andrew Horowitz says:

    Jan and dean. The stray cats. Meatloaf. Joe cocker the wreaking crew.

    • You’re in luck: I’ve already posted discussions about Meat Loaf and Joe Cocker (the second being among my most popular entries on snubs to the RRHOF). I’ll add Jan and Dean and The Stray Cats to the list of ones to work on in the future, and I hope to be able to write about the Wrecking Crew soon as worthy sidemen.

  41. Andrew Horowitz says:

    Donovan paul anka

    • I’m pretty sure I have Paul Anka scheduled within the next year, if not sooner, as I remember looking him up for his impressive songwriting. I’ll add Donovan to the list of acts I will be researching, though 🙂

  42. Andrew Horowitz says:

    Brooke Benton

  43. Andrew Horowitz says:

    Leslie gore

  44. Andrew Horowitz says:

    Chad and jermey Peter and Gordon

  45. Andrew Horowitz says:

    Celia black. The kingsmen

  46. Andrew Horowitz says:

    Petula Clark. Thank you

  47. Andrew Horowitz says:

    Tom jones

  48. Andrew Horowitz says:

    Kool and the gang. Ohio players.

  49. Andrew Horowitz says:

    The belmonts Dion is in but not his band mates

  50. Andrew Horowitz says:

    Jimmy webb

  51. Dan Ferrante says:

    Where is Petula Clark? Still recording and touring. Check out her recent cd….the woman entertained troops in 500 shows as a child, scored #1 records in five languages, Lennon’s favorite singer, great song writer, many rock and roll songs recorded by her, 159 top 40 hits worldwide, Grammy winner, sang on Give Peace a Chance at bed in, first woman to touch a black man on tv controversy, saved play Blood Brothers on broadway, Jimmy Page played guitar on many of her hits, has the longest worldwide span of charted recordings, her songs are used in countless tv, ads and movies up to 2016, and still tours, records, writes some terrific music! There are so many artists in the hall that are less rock!!!! She is finally getting a star on the Hollywood Wwlk of Fame. She should have been inducted with Dusty.

  52. Beth says:

    George Michael should be honored. He was one of the biggest chart-topping artists for a decade, wrote his own music, won numerous awards including two Grammys, and has already been included in the Songwriters’ Hall of Fame. His influence on the music world is undeniable, and his willingness to stand up to his record company for artistic freedom embodies the true rebellious spirit of rock and roll. Thank you for what you wrote about him on your list here.

  53. James Johnson says:

    Why haven’t Paul Revere and the Raiders being inducted into the Hall of Fame they were a huge part of Rock n Roll in the 60’s probably 2nd to the Beatles and have a huge catalog of hits. Should have been done when Paul was still with us.

  54. Patience says:

    T.Rex is another huge snub in my opinion

  55. Andrew Horowitz says:

    This years list is for most part weak

    • It’s not as strong a list as last year’s was, to be sure, but some of the ones included on this year’s list have been snubs for a long time, and hopefully won’t fill up next year’s nominations.

  56. Charlotte says:

    T.Rex is another huge snub in my opinion

  57. Drew Paul says:

    Nathan, I have two addition to your lengthy list. First, no one dominated the 70’s music like Barry Manilow. He is every bit as relevant as HoF inductees, “The Bee Gees” – contemporaries of Manilow. I realize critics don’t like him, but Manilow sold over 75 million albums, I found that hard to believe. However, according to Manilow had 3 number 1 hits, 11 Top 10 and 25 Top 40 singles. He’has won a Grammy, 3 AMA’s in a row (1978-80) as favorite Pop/Rock Male Artist, Manilow won an Emmy in 1977 and again 2006. Furthermore, he was nominated for an Academy Award in 1978. In 2017, he was awarded the BMI Icon Award. He wrote countless recognizable commercial jingles as well. On your existing list, show me any artist who can compete with that list of accomplishments and sales. I suppose his sexuality has hurt him. But, the industry needs to get over it if they truly mean what they preach.

    My second addition to your list would be The Go-Go’s. Again, not beloved by critics. But, they were trailblazers for female musicians. They wrote their own music and played all the instruments. Their first album “Beauty and the Beat” went to #1 and was double platinum. They were nominated for two Grammys. GenX girls for the first time had role models who played guitars and drums. They set the standard for success for female Rock Bands that frankly has not been achieved with any degree of regularity in the last 27 years.

    I’m not a huge fan of either of these proposed additions. But, the facts here are stubborn. Data dictates and as a result I feel they should be be in Cleveland.

    • I agree with you; both of these are worthy acts. I have thought about writing about them both for a while and I am sure I will get around to it if Cleveland doesn’t get around to it first.

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  60. Mark Lyons says:

    I agree with your summary on Kansas’ snub. Unbelievable, I would also want to get more people behind Styx and them getting into the Hall. Their body of work speaks for itself. Their influence in the power ballad genre is undeniable. Their staying power of having hits in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s is proof and their music is still being played live to Thousands every year by 2 bands!!!

  61. Robert A Hajnal says:

    Carpenters top all of them. First American Band with ten million or more selling singles goes, and ten or more million selling albums. Though she did not write, Richard did. First woman to produce 10 top 40,5 top ten and five top 5 Singles. “ASONG FOR YOU ” first album with five top 12 hits and four other “B”sides. Karen selected by Drummer and Musician magazine as Greatest Drummer. Only drummer to play and lead sing on three number one singles. *”(They Long To Be) Close To You,”* *”Top Of The World”*, and, *” Please Mr. POSTMAN”** Became first white artist (s) to re-record a Motown number one and hit number one with it themselves. *”Please Mr. Postman”* by The Marvellets also hit number one and was Motowns first number one single. With the originals of Rainy Days And Mondays, Superstar, Goodbye To Love, This Masquerede.
    , Please Mr. POSTMAN, Man Smart, Woman Smarter prove beyond the shadow of a doubt that they are either a White Jazz or White R &B Band. This is in attention to causing awareness of Alex or Nia Nervosa, and, being selected chairmen of The American Cancer Society for 1973. Had distinction of seeing them, when they were bigger than the Beatles, and, they were truly bigger than the Beatles at the Oakdale Theatre here in Wallingford about 1.5 miles from my apartment here in Yale Seville section of Wallingford. Enough Said!!!!!

    • I would consider The Carpenters to be a jazz band, but I agree that a case can be made for them as a white R&B group as well. Have you read my post about them? I have also commented separately about their vital importance as one of the inventors of the Power Ballad.

  62. Robert A Hajnal says:

    Also, as popular amongst today’s Milennials as ever before. First woman to produce two number one singles

  63. Mike Honcho says:

    How about Joe Walsh/James Gang. I know he’s in with the Eagles, but so is Don Henley, on the list of snubs. Unbelievably influential to generations of guitarists. First to do the talk box, sold/ gave Jimmy Page the Les Paul he made famous, helped Pete Townshend with some if his tone through gear (gave him a Gretsch used on Who’s Next and Quadrophenia). Rocky Mountain Way, Life’s Been Good, Funk #49, Walk Away, All Night Long, The Bomber etc. There are more, but he’s all over what’s left of FM radio and the satellite now. The amount of guys he’s influenced stretches from Billy Gibbons to Joe Bonamassa to Brad Paisley. He could write, sing, play killer rhythm, lead and slide. He did it all- fronted the James Gang and Barnstorm, was/is a successful solo artist and vaulted the Eagles to what they became. Imagine Hotel California without him.

  64. Dan says:

    Petula Clark! She did. Tour of the US this November/December and was there at BBKings and wowed a packed house. New cd… and recording a new French cd and will tour Canada in May.
    She is a true music icon….. what’s the wait?

  65. Corey Weisman says:

    Jethro Tull, hopefully they’ll show up on the ballot for the Class of 2019.

  66. Slaman992003 says:

    Great articles and fun discussion. I have no particular dog in this hunt, but it always seemed to me that whether we are talking baseball HOF or Rock and Roll HOF, that people seem confused as to who is worthy? Is it about popularity ($, # of records sold?)? Or is it about the obscure band that only a few know, but is unique? It probably should be about influence, but is that a career? One album? Or one song? When I visited to RnR HOF museum, the portion I found most interesting was the section that illustrated how styles of music came to be – certain bands/artists were key to how history developed.

    Looking at it this way, does this mean the inductees are only likely to be known by a handful of music historians?

    I’m not sure I would turn it into a popularity contest either. Perhaps there should be two ways to get in : you sell over a certain number of copies,for example or you are tied to changing the way we view music.

    See easy? Now I’m going to go listen to Foreigner, Styx, Kansas and the Cure….

    • I agree with you that there should be a two-track system of looking at influence. On the one hand, artists with obvious and compelling popularity and mass appeal deserve to be recognized as they demonstrate what music resonates with the greater public. Likewise, music that is of obvious cultural importance to the cognoscenti concerning how music changed over time deserves to be recognized no matter how obscure it is to the general public (Velvet Underground, Laura Nyro, etc). That is the general approach I work with, celebrating both overlooked mainstream artists and those artists whose underground influence deserves to be better recognized. I’m glad you appreciate my articles and the discussion that takes place here, though :).

  67. Rob says:

    How about Joe Jackson? His peer from about the same time and with similar commercial success was Elvis Costello. Elvis got in as soon as he was eligible. Joe is still waiting.

    • That is a really good choice. I wonder why I haven’t written about him already. I’ll have to do some research, but this one will get done, as I don’t see any groundswell of support for him at present concerning the RRHOF.

  68. Jim in Michigan says:

    First, I very much have enjoyed reading your blog. As far as Hall of Fame snubs the one that comes to me is Harry Nilsson. I also believe that The Guess Who, (and also Bachman Turner Overdrive), Grand Funk, The Monkees, Three Dog Night and Sonny and Cher all merit consideration, I’ve read your pieces on the latter four and you make a very strong case for eachFinally, perhaps my favorite story teller, Harry Chapin deserves a spot.

  69. martin katz says:

    To me one of the most glaring oversights has to be Peter Paul and Mary, i cant understand how they are not in the HOF, the were the voice of a generation

  70. Willi says:

    I’d like to believe that the legendary and much underrated band STYX is absent from your list although you have written about about them as deserving

  71. DJF says:

    When you have an artist that has been entertaining for over 70 years and continues to record and write great music, and is still not in the hall, something is wrong. Petula Clark just completed a two month USA tour. Still looking beautiful and still singing with strength….what an omission again!

  72. jimgp1820 says:

    I was happy to see that you had both Gerry Rafferty and Dan Fogelberg in your reviews. These are two of the most talented singer/songwriters in history, and sadly, they have both left us way too soon.

  73. Stephen Manrell says:

    What about the great southern rock bands?
    The Outlaws/Marshall Tucker Band/Charlie Daniels Band/Molly Hatchet.
    Charlie is in the Country Hall of Fame, the Songwriters Hall of Fame. Not the R & R Hall of Fame. Seen him live and he is way more Tock and Roll than ABBA, Madonna or Grandmaster Flash. Same with Ted Nugent. Sure his politics won’t get him in…but that shouldn’t matter

    • I’ve written a bit about Southern Rock and country and country rock, but you’re right, I should definitely do Ted Nugent and Charlie Daniels Band. I’ll have to work those into the schedule.

  74. The Dude says:

    Since Motley Crue is everywhere right now thanks to the movie on Netflix, you should do them next; they were truly the first “glam metal” band – NOT Def Leppard NOR Van Halen.

  75. bry says:


  76. John says:

    Solo Diana Ross.

  77. Jamie smith says:

    Why not Todd Rundgren he has been in a lot of bands

  78. Cousin Wally says:

    Peter Frampton. One of rocks greatest guitarists

    • Yeah, I’m going to have to get to Peter Frampton at some point. Frampton Comes Alive is one of the greatest and biggest selling albums of all time and Frampton’s innovative talk box guitar playing was and is amazing.

  79. Mike U says:

    How about some more Canadian content as the Guess Who’s music is timeless & they have more hits than the majority of bands already in plus Bachman’s other band BTO was great as well

    • That’s true, BTO was great. The Guess Who is definitely a band that’s on my radar. I thought I had a lot of Canadian content but there’s always room for more I suppose :D.

  80. Alec Ugol says:

    I am surprised that Todd Rundgren, The Guess Who, Little Feat, and XTC do not make your list of snubs. [WIth respect to Rundgren, who as also in The Nazz, he was also the producer of quite a few hit recordings.]

    • I actually have Little Feat on the short list of ones to write soon, I will definitely get to the Guess Who at some point, and my post on Todd Rundgren posts in eighteen days if you can wait for that one to show up in the middle of September. XTC is on my radar as well. Be patient :D.

  81. Michael Bergman says:

    I would like to see Blue Oyster Cult on the list. While they did not have that many singles that stand out, their albums have been solid. They are so much known for their live shows that they had three live album make the charts, one certified platinum and one gold. They were a huge influence on the heavy metal genre. Their songs could be serious or satirical or quirky. They could all write songs individually or together and they brought in other writers such as Patti Smith, Michael Moorcock, Helen Wheels, James Carroll. The fact that they rejected Bryan Adams’ Run to You shows their good taste.

    • I would like to write about this, but I don’t think rejecting “Run To You” is a good sign, especially considering it was such a classic Bryan Adams hit. At any rate, I think this is a group I will take some time to write about. “More cowbell” and all that.

  82. Jerry Kiernan says:

    Chubby Checker!!!
    How could you omit him from the snubs?

  83. mothfire says:

    If we are considering Barbra Streisand and Petula Clark, why not consider Dionne Warwick?

  84. mothfire says:

    I just noticed that the class of 2012 had 17 inductees. The RRHOF could take one year and induct all of the women who really deserve to go in, from Dionne Warwick to Natalie Merchant.

    • Yeah, that would be a good choice. Just clear them off in one shot and then provide enough evidence that no one need complain about the shortage of female inductees into the RRHOF. I don’t think it’s likely to happen, but it’s definitely possible. They could also go through a bunch of backing musicians from Johnny B. Goode on up to rectify that notable shortfall as well.

  85. mothfire says:

    Okay, for me, the 1980s were a wasteland of music. It wasn’t until the 1990s hit and I had heard the grunge acts like Nirvana and Soundgarden, did I feel like music was worth listening to. That might sound extreme, but there were a few oasis in the wasteland that I liked, like Quarterflash, Men at Work, The Pet Shop Boys, A-Ha, A Flock of Seagulls. None of these I would put in the RRHOF, as much as I like them, I don’t feel like they had done enough. So I started to think about which groups or artists from the 1980s would I put in which have not already been written about or requested. Here are some I think may have a good case:
    REO Speedwagon
    Robert Palmer
    Luther Vandross

    On the fence:
    The Bangles
    The Pixies
    Culture Club

    • I’ve already written about Luther Vandross; I agree that Robert Palmer has a great case, and I’m not sure about REO Speedwagon and Loverboy but I will investigate their whole careers more. I’m fond of a lot more 80’s music but I can see why many people are less fond of it. The RRHOF has more or less skipped over 80’s rock entirely and forgotten that it existed and moved right on to grunge.

      • mothfire says:

        I must have missed your Luther Vandross post. I will check it out. Thank you.

      • You’re welcome. I have thought for a while about the Bangles, but I’m on the fence about whether they have done enough to be inducted. They had two successful albums and a couple of really good tracks from an unsuccessful first album and then a long gap before an obscure fourth album. At some point I may write about them and the GoGo’s but it hasn’t happened yet.

  86. mothfire says:

    Okay, let me replace Luther Vandross with Billy Squier. Thank you.

  87. mothfire says:

    Their first album, Shuttered Room had “Stand or Fall” and “Red Skies”. Reach the Beach was their peak with the three hits “The Sign of Fire”, “Saved by Zero” and “One Thing Leads to Another”. It was certified Platinum. Phantoms had the hit “Are We Ourselves”. Walkabout had the hit “Secret Separation”. Calm Animals had the hit “Driven Out”. Ink had the hit “How Much is Enough”. Their last album, Beautiful Friction was release in 2012. Here is the Allmusic review of Beautiful Friction:
    Personally, my favorites are the earlier stuff from “Stand or Fall” to the entirety of Reach the Beach. Reach the Beach is one of the shining stars of the 1980s along with Dire Straits’ Brothers in Arms and The Police’ Synchronicity.

    • Alright, I’ve done some listening to these songs and they are excellent songs. I’ll be writing about the Fixx. I find it interesting that they were far more popular in the United States than in Great Britain and that their songs were consistently popular on both the pop and mainstream rock charts in the US, far more than is often remembered today.

  88. mothfire says:

    I am not seeing the following posts in your list:
    Bruce Hornsby

  89. mothfire says:

    Mark Lyons, you ought to read the arguments for them first.
    Soundgarden absolutely belongs in the RRHOF.

  90. Randy says:

    What about Jan and Dean and the Association.

  91. Sharyn Legg says:

    When is Jan and Dean going to get their chance? At least 2 to 3 generations still love their music.The Surf Tunes kept a mood and the sport of surfing going to this day and beyond. Give them the respect that is theirs…

  92. Paul McCracken says:

    Jan & Dean. Far greater success and musical contributions than 90% of your list.

  93. I would like to suggest Pete Townshend (solo) be nominated for the R&R HoF. Here are his Top 100 Solo Songs This list blows away the solo material of Ringo’s Top 100, and George and John’s Top 100 as well. It for sure blows away the Top 100 solo songs of Lou Reed, Jeff Beck and Stevie Nicks. And even if you don’t factor (because The Who are already in) that Townshend wrote 99% of The Who’s songs (here are The Who’s Top 200 songs btw ) Townshend’s solo catalog on its own still blows away (in my opinion) many of the inductees.

  94. laustcawz says:

    Todd Rundgren
    They Might Be Giants
    Suzanne Vega
    Harry Nilsson
    Link Wray
    The Pleasure Seekers/Suzi Quatro
    The Go-Gos
    The Flaming Lips
    Carla Bley (influence or songwriter)
    Billy Preston (solo work
    & performed with Beatles on “Let It Be”)
    Bernie Taupin (Elton John’s lyricist)
    Tom Lehrer (influence)

  95. laustcawz says:

    Forgot to mention Chubby Checker
    & Screamin’ Jay Hawkins.

  96. laustcawz says:

    Entries 153 & 169 both state Foo Fighters.

    Some choices I wholeheartedly agree with.
    Others make me want to vomit.
    Still others belong in other categories.

    I don’t see:

    They Might Be Giants
    King Crimson
    Harry Nilsson
    Billy Preston
    Bernie Taupin (Elton John’s lyricist)
    Screamin’ Jay Hawkins
    Danny & The Juniors
    Link Wray
    Chubby Checker
    The Pointer Sisters
    Joan Armatrading
    Stray Cats
    Suzi Quatro/The Pleasure Seekers
    Sound Barrier or Living Colour
    Suzanne Vega
    Pet Shop Boys
    Tom Lehrer (as early influence)
    Carla Bley (as songwriter)

    • Thanks for the heads up. Some of the names you list are definitely ones I plan on writing about at some time. For the moment I am focusing on writing about this year’s nominees, but after that is done I plan on writing about other acts as time and energy permit :p. Bernie Taupin as a songwriter, though, seems like a pretty obvious choice. I think it is worth noting that I do not always choose to write about an act because I particulalry like them. I choose acts because they had, I feel, a strong influence on music, both for the better and for the worse. There are some groups I have queued up for later this year, for example, that I am sure many people will loathe, but they were influential and will be eligible and so they have an article. I have been pondering the Stray Cats for a while, for example, and I am still not sure how I want to deal with the whole Brian Setzer question

  97. Keith Wilson says:

    I’m surprised to not see the Grass Roots on the list. In terms of hits and album sales, they are higher than many who have been inducted. And in my view, their music has stood the test of time. It sounds just as good today as it did back then.

  98. vwgolfman2000 says:

    I would have to add Jethro Tull to this list, even if the critics who run the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame hate Ian Anderson’s guts.

    By the way, here are a couple of British bands snubbed by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame simply because not enough Americans have heard of them:

    The Graham Bond Organisation (Jack Bruce and Ginger Baker played in this band before forming Cream with Eric Clapton)

    Family (featuring the manic singing of Roger Chapman and the perfect timekeeping of drummer Rob Townsend; original bassist Rick Grech left to join Blind Faith)

    Streetwalkers (the R&B-based rock band formed by Roger Chapman and Family guitarist Charlie Whitney after Family broke up; it included Bob Tench, late of the Jeff Beck Group, and future Iron Maiden drummer Nicko McBrain)

    Lindisfarne (a Newcastle folk-rock group featuring the songwriting of leader Alan Hull; if David Crosby and Stephen Stills had come from the north of England like Graham Nash did, Lindisfarne is what Crosby, Stills and Nash might have sounded like)

    And here’s a group many Americans have heard of: Fairport Convention, the greatest English folk rock band of all time, which once included as a member Richard Thompson)

  99. Don says:

    You’ve covered many notables, but, where’s REO Speedwagon?

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