Why Aren’t They In Rock & Roll Hall of Fame: Kraftwerk


Continuing the series of notable Rock & Roll Hall of Fame snubs, let us turn from popular rock [1] to a more obscure choice, the groundbreaking German rock band Kraftwerk.  Despite not being a familiar name, the influence of this band has been immense, and this band set an example that has been followed by many later and much more well-known bands, giving them an honored place in the “secret history of Rock & Roll [2].

Kraftwerk’s Contribution

Despite having only one novelty hit (a song called Autobahn in 1975), Kraftwerk is notable for a few reasons.  For one, the band was a major pioneer in electronic music, allowing symths a major role in Rock & Roll music and setting a template for later bands like Gary Numan, Depeche Mode, Duran Duran, Joy Division, New Order, and influencing such undeniable greats as David Bowie.  Kraftwerk was also instrumental in showing Germans how to make their own authentic Rock & Roll music without slavishly copying American or British models, allowing later German bands like After The Fire and Falco a chance to achieve widespread success with authentic music.  Not only this, Kraftwerk’s music has continued to remain relevant, serving as the inspiration and sample for musicians as diverse as Franz Ferdinand and Jay-Z [3].  Additionally, they are widely recognized as being worthy of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame by experts of contemporary music history [4].  All that respect and influence totals to a worthy entry for an obscure band.

Why Kraftwerk Is A No-Brainer For The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

Let’s see–they basically help found the genre of electronic rock, the father of techno and synth pop, served as the trailblazers for Rock & Roll in a major country (Germany) and managed to provide a daring use of technology in Rock & Roll Music?  Who cares that they don’t have hits–they have numerous bands they have influenced and inspired that themselves are worthy of Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Induction, making them a total no-brainer as an influence choice.

Why Kraftwerk Isn’t A Member of The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?

Perhaps Jann Werner has never heard of them.

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