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Everyone Smiles When You’re Winning: A Musing on Sports Psychology

In December 2002 at the Winter Family Weekend in Lexington, Kentucky, I played on a team (the Pittsburgh Posse B team) that lost all six of its games, coming in at 16th place out of 16 teams.  I was a … Continue reading

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A Musing on Apologies

What’s the difference between an apology and repentance?  I have spent more time than I care to in recent weeks dealing with the issue of forgiveness, though in all fairness as someone who has had to forgive much in life, … Continue reading

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That The Man Of The Earth May Oppress No More: A Commentary On Psalm 10

Continuing my series on the biblical hostility to the evil man [1], I would like to comment on Psalm 10, one of the most passionate and eloquent defenses of the poor and helpless against the class warfare of those who … Continue reading

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The Day The Internet Went Away

As I discussed when examining the crisis in Egypt [1], part of what made the West pay attention to the revolution on the streets of Cairo and other Egyptian cities was the shutdown of the internet all over the country. … Continue reading

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Mathematical Proof That There’s No Such Thing As A Free Lunch

[Updated 02/02/2011:  A Comment on Active Entropy”.] A recent published peer-reviewed paper entitled “The Search For A Search: Measuring The Information Cost of Higher Level Search” is one of the more interesting mathematical proofs of a type that I am … Continue reading

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