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A Musing On Confirmation Bias

In a recent post, fellow blogger Jason Nitzburg comments on the need to counteract our natural tendency for confirmation bias [1], providing some useful tips on how to make the best of our chances to correct misinformation.  The problem of … Continue reading

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Book Review: Headlines In History: The 1000’s

Headlines In History:  The 1000’s, by Brenda Stalcup, Bonnie Szumski, and Scott Barbour, editors This book is the first book, chronologically, in the Headlines In History series, though I have read most of the series previously [1] [2].  This book … Continue reading

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Does It Matter Who Discovered America?

One of my favorite historical debates is the debate over who discovered America.  In one sense, America has never been lost.  The book “Lies My Teacher Told Me,” in one of its most entertaining chapters, examines a long set of … Continue reading

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