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You Shall Not Revile God Nor Curse A Ruler of Your People: The Continuing Relevance of Exodus 22:28

Though respect for authority has not always or often come easily to me, it is clearly something that the Bible consistently commands, and therefore I struggle to obey it even though it comes with extreme difficulty.  Respect for authority in … Continue reading

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The Termites of History

One of the more odd and intriguing elements of history is when the same kind of events simultaneously occur in many places.  For example, in 1848, the “year of Revolutions,” there was an Irish potato famine that caused hundreds of … Continue reading

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I’d Rather Be A Ninja Than A Pirate

The death of four Americans thanks to Somali pirates has made the problem of piracy in the Indian Ocean a more recognizable problem than it was before for many Americans, though it is an issue discussed numerous times here [1] … Continue reading

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On The Formation of Class Identity

As the name of this blog is Edge Induced Cohesion and the formation of identity through crisis and conflict is an obvious subject of interest to this blog [1] [2] [3].  Today I would like to talk about the very … Continue reading

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