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Somaliland Update: Kuwait Gives Somaliland $10M To Upgrade Airports

In an interesting twist that shows Somaliland’s growing international profile, Somaliland247 reports that Kuwait has given the Somaliland government $10 to update its two most important airports, Egal International Airport in Hargesia (the capital of the nation of Somaliland) and … Continue reading

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Nehemiah 13:4-22: The Sons of Korah Defend The Holiness of the Sabbath

Did you know that the Sons of Korah were involved in one of the Bible’s most ferocious demonstrations of the holiness of the Sabbath? Nehemiah 13:4-22 gives one of the most notable examples of the service of the Sons of … Continue reading

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Book Review: Ethiopia, The Unknown Land

Ethiopia, The Unknown Land:  A Cultural and Historical Guide, by Stuart Munro-Hay If you are expecting this book to be a real cultural and historical guide of Ethiopia, you will be disappointed.  If you want to read all about Ethiopia’s … Continue reading

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