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Powers Denied To The States: A Constitutional Essay

In pondering the questions of the origin of the American Civil War [1] and the question of state debt [2], one of the issues one deals with is what limitations are placed by the U.S. Constitution on the power of … Continue reading

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When Maps Lie

Among my favorite countries in the world to study are those countries that exist in fact but are not granted legitimacy by the international community for whatever reason.  While there are supposed to be firm and consistent standards by which … Continue reading

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Personal Profile: Samuel (Part One of Two)

By far the most notable of the Sons of Korah is Samuel, the prophet and judge.  In order to make an account of his life and work more easily comprehensible, we will examine his career in two parts–the first dealing … Continue reading

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Bankruptcy: The Nuclear Option

What happens when states go bust?  Well, the options don’t look pretty, as one article by The Weekly Standard points out [1].  First, one has the inevitable buildup.  The unholy alliance of a political party with the unions of teachers … Continue reading

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