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The Evolution of Technology

In case you are unaware, this week Jeopardy hosted a humorous gimmick where a supercomputer was pitted against two of Jeopardy’s best human players (including the wry and dryly humorous Ken Jennings, someone who I would enjoy chatting with over … Continue reading

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Book Review: Blockaders, Refugees, & Contrabands

Blockaders, Refugees, & Contrabands:  Civil War on Florida’s Gulf Coast, 1861-1865, by George E. Buker This meticulously researched and thoroughly engaging work is the first historical document I have read that provides an accurate assessment of the pivotal role of … Continue reading

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When Did The Disciples Go To The Tomb?

It has been a longstanding question as to when the disciples went to the empty tomb1. Most people who call themselves Christians celebrate a sunrise Easter mass, copying the pagan habits of the Mithra worshipers and other such faiths whose … Continue reading

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