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The Last Border Run?

During the past 11 months I have made three previous border runs [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6], as the Thai government requires those with Non-O visas to leave the country every 90 days. This visa expires in about a … Continue reading

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Passover Before The Exodus

The fourteenth day of the first lunar month in the biblical calendar is the biblical Passover. Jews to this day still celebrate the Passover and the Days of Unleavened Bread in honor of the Exodus from Egypt. Christians today also … Continue reading

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Book Review: Documents Of The Christian Church

Documents Of The Christian Church, selected and edited by Henry Bettenson It is clear from reading this book that Bettenson considers the Anglicans and Catholics of the utmost importance, and that he is a big supporter of the ecumenical movement … Continue reading

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On The Follies Of Apostolic Succession

If one is ever in need of a laugh at misguided scholarly intentions, Bob Thiel’s Cogwriter website is always filled with good humor. One of the most ridiculous doctrines on display here is his defense of apostolic succession. It is … Continue reading

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A Horde Of Hoarders

Every year around April 15th, someone has the bright idea to proclaim a one-day boycott of buying oil in the hopes of sending a message to gas companies for their unreasonable prices. This is an unwise decision for a variety … Continue reading

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Somaliland Update: Establishing Sovereignty, German Anti-Piracy Solution

Today I would like to talk about two recent developments in the Horn of Africa that I believe are related to each other through a connection of how legitimacy for actions is developed and acquired in the contemporary world scene. … Continue reading

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Exodus 23:2: You Shall Not Follow A Crowd To Do Evil

Frequently in the media there are apparent wrongs like the recent Treyvon Martin case [1] (or, before that, the Casey Anthony case [2]). Not that the temptation for vigilante justice is anything new. In one of Abraham Lincoln’s first speeches, … Continue reading

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Panem Et Circenses

[Note: This post contains film spoilers for “The Hunger Games.” You have been warned.] The only cinema in town showing “The Hunger Games” in English is the Central Airport Plaza, and I was a bit concerned that it was too … Continue reading

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The Perils Of Orthodoxy

I am reading a fascinating, if moderately frustrating book (review forthcoming), and one of the more intriguing elements of the book is just how difficult and how elusive the course of orthodoxy was. A bizarre array of heresies took matters … Continue reading

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A Random Conversation

One can learn a lot about people from what they want to look up on wikipedia. Today I had the opportunity of entertaining one of the students here who is working for part of the break, and who is fascinated … Continue reading

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