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Can Depression Be Cured?

According to the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), depression cannot be cured. In fact, reading about depression on their website is pretty depressing [1]. As someone who has struggled with both PTSD and Depression for a long time (two … Continue reading

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Fundamental Belief #14: On Military Service And War

I am a (very loyal) member in the United Church of God, but there is one fundamental belief I have trouble with (and I know I am not the only one). As it is one of my duties to teach … Continue reading

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1 Corinthians 5:9-13: Put Away From Yourselves The Evil Person

People often have the mistaken belief that disfellowshipment is merely a decision made by a minister to throw someone out of a church organization, usually for reasons of ‘attitude’ (which usually means someone is not sufficiently respectful of the powers-that-be). … Continue reading

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Vantage Point

For those of us who are interested in odd and potentially disastrous foreign news, something alarming is going on in Pakistan right now. Pakistan is claiming that some soldiers of theirs were killed in a premeditated attack by NATO troops … Continue reading

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No Brakes

Today I had a couple of meetings at the farm, so as usual I had to borrow a bike to get there. I found out quickly, to my surprise, that the bike I had picked had no brakes. Have you … Continue reading

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Makro Polo

[Note:  No, the title of this blog is not a typo.] For those of us who are students of logistics, one of the wonders of the Mongol Empire in the days of Marco Polo was the trade and communication (including, … Continue reading

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Somaliland Update: Little By Little

In today’s Somaliland Update we will look at how Somaliland is working little by little to improve its connections with other nations and develop its natural resources.  First we will look at how Secretary of State Hillary Clinton gave an … Continue reading

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On The Problem Of Evil

A common theodicy problem between Christians (or theists in general) and atheists and agnostics concerns the problem of evil.  However, this problem is not the same on both sides.  A video posted by a friend of mine [1] on the … Continue reading

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When Gratitude Doesn’t Last: A Musing On Black Friday

It is not terribly surprising, even if it is a bit disappointing, the sort of business culture that develops around shopping.  One can tell what is most important about a culture by what time and attention are devoted to.  In … Continue reading

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Something To Be Thankful For

As I sit down five hours removed from a wonderful Thanksgiving spread, full of rolls, butternut squash soup, caesar salad, green bean casserole, sweet potatoes, stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy, turkey, and pumpkin pie, I feel there is a lot … Continue reading

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