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On The Implications Of Public Health Arguments

Recently, I became aware that a friend of mine (and occasional collaborator in various projects relating to mental health) was working on research to discuss the public health approach to dealing with depression.  As there is some anecdotal evidence that … Continue reading

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C=EA2: The Way Forward: A Discussion Of Approaches

[Note:  This post is the prepared text for a discussion given remotely on September 18, 2017.] A Personal Introduction I would like to thank you all for giving me the opportunity to speak to you all today.  Mr. Crant already … Continue reading

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Pieces Of Me

In 2004, the first single of Ashlee Simpson’s debut album “Autobiography” was released, called “Pieces of Me.” The song ended up being a Top 10 hit for an album that went triple-platinum, the main controversy from the song not being … Continue reading

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And They Shall Keep Their Souls In Torment

Yesterday I found out that one of my blog posts [1] had been linked by someone else who was writing about scientific studies that had found a genetic link between genius (especially artistic genius in writing or music or other … Continue reading

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A Strugglicious Day

As I write these words, I have my laptop on my lap, and within the past half an hour or so have had my right leg cramp up on me twice, once waking me up from my usual fitful sleep. … Continue reading

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Today there was a very excellent split sermon to close the afternoon services for the Last Day of Unleavened Bread that dealt with the heart. Of particular interest was the examination of the electrical signal of the heart, and the … Continue reading

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Book Review: Crash The Chatterbox

Crash The Chatterbox: Hearing God’s Voice Above All Others, by Steven Furtick [Note: This book was provided free of charge by WaterBrook Multnomah Press in exchange for an honest review.] One of the surprises of this book is that although … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Stress Of Life

The Stress Of Life, by Hans Selye At times it is useful to discuss how I came about a book. As it happens, I got this book from a free book table given by some acquaintances of mine, one of … Continue reading

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Tired Of Being Afraid

As is often the case, I had intended to write about a particular subject today, and had thought about it and pondered it, and then circumstances led me to feel another subject would be more pertinent for the occasion, while … Continue reading

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Everyone’s A Little Bit Crazy

I always laugh a little when people tell me how sane I am. I don’t think it’s possible to be entirely sane in a world as insane and troubled as ours, as we are beings influenced by what is around … Continue reading

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