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Shadow And Light

There is a moderately obscure and quirky kind of art that I am very fond of, called chiaroscuro [1], where contrasts of shadow and light are used to set a scene in a painting, in photography, or in movies. As … Continue reading

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Better Now

Twice in my life, so far, I have been diagnosed with mental illness. The first time I was four years old and diagnosed with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD for short), a well-earned diagnosis considering my savage early childhood. Then, less … Continue reading

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Can Depression Be Cured?

According to the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), depression cannot be cured. In fact, reading about depression on their website is pretty depressing [1]. As someone who has struggled with both PTSD and Depression for a long time (two … Continue reading

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Something To Be Thankful For

As I sit down five hours removed from a wonderful Thanksgiving spread, full of rolls, butternut squash soup, caesar salad, green bean casserole, sweet potatoes, stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy, turkey, and pumpkin pie, I feel there is a lot … Continue reading

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Organized Chaos

As I was waiting today for people to show up, and having to deal with the uncertainty of not knowing how many would come or when they would come, I reflected a little bit on order and chaos in general … Continue reading

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Negative Obsessive Rumination And The Artist’s Enigma

It is almost a cliche to hear of the relationship between artists and mental illness. Writers, musicians, comics, and other performers are routinely diagnosed with mental illness, particularly depression, and often self-medicate through sexuality, drugs, and alcohol. Nonetheless, artists are … Continue reading

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Only Pieces Of The Night

I liked power pop, at least one segment of it, long before I knew what power pop was. Among my favorite bands of the post-grunge era, the time I came of age as a fan of music, were Toad & … Continue reading

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On The Implications Of Causality In Mental Trauma

Today I would like to discuss a matter of great importance regarding the brain, and give a modest proposal about how this matter could be understood in a scientific manner. I give warning at the outset that this entry is … Continue reading

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On The Process of Mental Thermodynamics

A little while ago I commented briefly on the Theory of Mental Thermodynamics [1], the brainchild of Joseph Richard Crant [2]. Let us comment again on this subject so that we may understand his view of the process of mental … Continue reading

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On The Science Of The Mind

The area of the mind has long been an area that has gotten philosophers and scientists in a flummox. Our current popular scientific worldview insists on a materialistic world that excludes the existence or relevance of any nonmaterial factors. For … Continue reading

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