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In A Perfect World

Life is full of odd and striking coincidences. Upon reading the memoir of a tough-minded Portland businesswoman [1], I was captivated by the book’s advocacy for a local not-for-profit that was dedicated to advocacy for at-risk children whose lives had … Continue reading

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Book Review: Gettysburg Replies

Gettysburg Replies: The World Responds To Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address, edited by Carla Knorowski This book, published by the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library Foundation, seeks to provide something new about something that is commonly read, and even not infrequently memorized, … Continue reading

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If Everyone Is Special, Then Nobody Is

It is striking just how many movies and books are made about people who believe they have the need to hide their identities in order to keep from being condemned for who they really are. The fact that this concern … Continue reading

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If God Made You

Human beings are hard to love sometimes. “What is man, that You are mindful of him, and the son of man that You visit him? For you have made him a little lower than the angels, and You have crowned … Continue reading

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Let Me In

One of the more intriguing tasks I have as a duty achan at a school is that of gatekeeper. It is a task that I have written about before [1] [2] and one that greatly interests me. There are some … Continue reading

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Every Boy A Prince And Every Girl A Princess

This morning I was greeted on my Facebook page by a link that a close friend of mine had posted about a book written for children that gives stories of biblical princesses. It is not difficult at all for young … Continue reading

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The Price of Equality And Honor

In this day and age two qualities are particularly valued by people all over the world: equality and honor. All around the world we see oppressed peoples rising up against the dictators that have ruled over them harshly for decades. … Continue reading

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Exodus 30:11-16: The Census Tax

Having already discussed in broad detail some issues of biblical taxation [1] I thought it worthwhile to discuss the issue of the census tax (also considered the temple tax) in particular.  As it is one of the most notable biblical … Continue reading

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