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Italian Food Night

One of the things I miss the most about the States is the food. Specifically, I miss things like beef and cheese, both of which are pretty hard to come by too. Today my fellow teachers (I can take no … Continue reading

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A Different World

In 1945 what had been part of the core territory of the state of Prussia was lost (so far irretrievably) by Germany and taken by Russia as a Baltic Sea port, the area of Kalingrad. What had been for hundreds … Continue reading

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Powers Denied To Congress: A Constitutional Essay

Having already examined at some length the powers denied to the states and the application of those laws for the American Civil War as well as for the current debt crisis of states [1], I thought it would be appropriate … Continue reading

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Today In History: On January 31, 1949, the Karen National Union Began The World’s Longest Current Rebellion

Rebellion is a subject that I have written about a lot, as the legitimacy of rulership has always been questionable to me. Having written quite often about the problems of Burma [1] including the refugee crisis in Thailand [2] and … Continue reading

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For Whom The Bell Tolls

In his Meditation XVII, published in 1623 as part of his work Devotions Upon Emergent Occasions, John Donne wrote the following (translated into modern English), a work which has endured in passing along enduring and popular expressions to the English … Continue reading

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Name As Aspiration

Every time I cross into the border of Burma, I laugh a little. These days Burma styles itself as the Union of Myanmar. Burma is not, and has never, been a union. From before the time it gained its independence … Continue reading

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Don’t Shoot The Messenger

For reasons that are beyond me, and that make no sense to me whatsoever, throughout my entire life I have been a messenger of one kind or another. For whatever reason being outspoken and at least moderately observant and also … Continue reading

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Here’s To Future Days

As far as people go, I am fairly interested in the long-term. Even if I am occasionally driven to act based upon short-term urgent actions, I prefer to think with a longer view in mind, and work towards larger goals … Continue reading

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Romans 16:17-20: For Those Who Are Such Do Not Serve Our Lord Jesus Christ

Every once in a while a passage of the Bible seems particularly relevant to one’s day. This morning, I was preparing for my classes, I had to deal with two troubling cases of divisive scoundrels. One of my friends from … Continue reading

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Great Moderate Victories

I have a personal joke about the world’s shortest books. Some of them are related to my professional interest in military history, and include such titles as: Bulgarian Military Victories and Successful Bolivian Wars. Others are related to my interest … Continue reading

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