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Comedy Is A Choice

I am a big fan of both “Weird Al” Yankovic and Jane Austen, and these two are not as different as they might superficially seem. “Weird Al” has had a lasting and successful career of making comedy albums that ruthlessly … Continue reading

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Keeping The Black Rider At Bay: On Agricultural Exports

No one likes food shortages [1], and a substantial part of my own interest in logistics concerns world food supplies and my own concerns about their stability both now and in the future. As Stratfor has been kind enough to … Continue reading

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Don’t Stand So Close To Me

My favorite animal is the skunk, and it has been ever since I was a small child and (understandably) mistook what is among the most feared animals of the United States for a cute and cuddly kitty cat, to the … Continue reading

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Deuteronomy 24:14-15: The Wages You Have Withheld By Fraud

We normally think of property rights as belonging to wealthy companies, or landowners, and those of us who strongly defend property rights often seem to make arguments that are viewed as protecting the property rights only of those who are … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Maxwell Leadership Bible

The Maxwell Leadership Bible: Lessons in Leadership from the Word of God, by John C. Maxwell & Tim Elmore There are many Bibles I have bought or received as gifts from friends. There are a few more I would buy … Continue reading

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Book Review: Crucial Confrontations

Crucial Confrontations: Tools For Resolving Broken Promises, Violated Expectations, And Bad Behavior, by Kerry Patterson, Joseph Grenny, Ron McMillan, and Al Switzler As this book review is a review to the second part of a two-part series of books [1], … Continue reading

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Book Review: Ancient Angkor

Book Review: Ancient Angkor, by Michael Freeman & Claude Jacques I’m not sure if I’m the right person to review this book, because this book contains subject areas that are particularly fierce (particularly my hostility to idolatry). Nonetheless, I will … Continue reading

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That Didn’t Go As Expected

In retrospect, it was a good idea to take Pi Jib’s advice and plan a little bit extra for the unexpected on what was to be a quick and supposedly routine trip to the border and back in one day … Continue reading

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All In One Day

[Edit: The best laid plains of mice and men oft go astray: See below.] This sort post is a reminder to my readers that I will be gone during most of my day tomorrow on a visa run to Mae … Continue reading

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The Synagogue Of Satan

Sadly, it is very common for those who call themselves Christians to spend a lot of time bragging about their own special place with God while calling others names like Laodiceans to say that their faith toward God is lacking … Continue reading

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