All In One Day

[Edit: The best laid plains of mice and men oft go astray: See below.]

This sort post is a reminder to my readers that I will be gone during most of my day tomorrow on a visa run to Mae Sai-Tachileik. I do not expect anything of particular interest to occur along my trip, but I will leave about 6:45AM from the school grounds here to go to the bus station, I have brought three books to read (and I hope to finish at least a couple of them on the trip), and I have allotted about 3 hours in Mae Sai to cross the border and eat lunch.

There are a few reasons why this trip is planned to be much shorter than my previous trips. For one, I don’t have a computer that I can bring along with me, and Mae Sai is a terribly boring town without much to do unless one brings along some entertainment, unless one enjoys commercial markets full of knockoff products, and I don’t. So, because I will be unable to pass the time on my computer where I could at least keep in my usual habits, it’s not really worth spending a lot of time there.

Additionally, it costs less and makes it so that I won’t have to miss any class by going and coming back on the same day, since staying overnight would mean missing at least one and possibly all of my classes, depending on how the ride went (and how I felt after it) on Monday. By coming back on the same day, even if it is a little tough given that I haven’t felt well the past couple of days, at least I should have enough time to recuperate for my classes, while saving at least 700 baht on lodging and food in the process.

So, unless something particularly noteworthy happens to me on my trip to Mae Sai (which I highly doubt), expect a couple of book reviews tomorrow when I return from Mae Sai. Until then, I will be off at the Burmese version of Nogales. Such is the life, and I have at least one more of these border crossings to go in early April. We’ll talk about that when it comes time, obviously.


Well, there went that plan. This morning my driver didn’t come to pick me up on time, so I had to get someone else to drop me off, in a hurry, at the bus station. I got to the bus station on time, but it turns out I was dropped at the wrong terminal (there is a new one across the street that no one told me about), so I ended up missing my bus by five minutes. Now I have to take a later bus at 11:30AM to Chiang Rai, see if I can use my poor Thai and their English to get to Mae Sai in the afternoon, cross the border (since my visa expires today) and then return tomorrow morning. Needless to say, this is not ideal, but that’s how it goes. Che cassino! I’ll have to poke around to see if I can find an internet shop in Mae Sai tonight, I suppose.

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