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Book Review: In The Sanctuary Of Outcasts

In The Sanctuary Of Outcasts:  A Memoir, by Neil White I must admit that although I read a fair amount of memoirs, I have not read many prison memoirs [1].  Among the more thorny problems to deal with in terms … Continue reading

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Life Among The Lepers

Every once in a while, I get the feeling that in at least some respects I live a life that would not have been too far removed from the lepers of biblical times. Of course, I have written about leprosy … Continue reading

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The Leper Armadillo

Having already commented somewhat on leprosy previously [1] [2], I was struck by a recent news article about that most humble of roadkill animals, the armadillo [3].  It had previously been thought that leprosy (as it is defined in modern … Continue reading

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Leviticus 14:33-53: On Mold Addendums and Leprous Houses

Laws on leprosy are probably not the first place one looks for biblical laws that are still in force for believers, but if you live in a place like Florida where mold is a problem, perhaps it should be.  If … Continue reading

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Divine Providence in the Story of Naaman the Syrian

Introduction The story of Naaman the Syrian is one of the most striking examples within the scriptures of divine providence working to bring salvation to a Gentile, an enemy of Israel during the period of the divided kingdom. Though the … Continue reading

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