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Liveblogging Jane Austen: Part Two

After the first experience watching part of Pride & Prejudice [1], we all decided that we preferred the Colin Firth version, so we decided to watch it. 9:26PM:  Seeing Bingley and Darcy chat with each other about country manners and … Continue reading

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Straight Outta Whitewash

There is a lot to respect about the new film “Straight Outta Compton,” which presents the official view of the band’s history from its early days of three teens in Compton trying to become ghetto superstars to the death of … Continue reading

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The Wolf You Feed

Today, in watching Tomorrowland, I was struck by at least a few of the elements that are necessary to make a good movie for kids. For one, the casting has to be right. In this case, the casting was mostly … Continue reading

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Who Wants To Live Forever?

With apologies to Jean-Paul Sartre, hell is not other people. Rather, hell is being stuck in one’s own head without being able to relate to or connect with other people. Among the consistent themes of movies about immortals is that … Continue reading

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