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Book Review: The Bolt Supremacy

The Bolt Supremacy:  Inside Jamaica’s Sprint Factory, by Richard Moore This is a book that straddles the ambiguous space between being a celebration of Jamaican supremacy in sprint races and a skeptical view of the likelihood that some sort of … Continue reading

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Book Review: Silk Parachute

Like several of the author’s books, this particular volume is a collection of somewhat disparate essays of different lengths and content.  All of them are testament to the way that McPhee writes, which is itself a worthwhile element.  In many … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Uncommon Marriage Adventure

The Uncommon Marriage Adventure: A Daily Journey To Draw You Closer To God And Each Other, by Tony & Lauren Dungy with Nathan Whitaker [Note: This book was provided free of charge by Tyndale House Publishers in exchange for an … Continue reading

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Today In History: On August 13, 1976, Left-Handed People Got A Day Of Their Own

About five years before I was born, Left-Handed Day was created. For most of the world, this might not seem to be too big of a deal. After all, most people do not go to a dinner table in a … Continue reading

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You Don’t Play A Game You Can’t Win

When my brother and I were young, we were both successful chess players at our elementary school. As a 5th grader, I ended up getting third place in the chess tournament (behind a brother and sister) and had my name … Continue reading

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Blowing In The Wind

Thankfully today had a little bit less to overanalyze than yesterday did [1], but it still had enough to ponder over as it relates to my life, as well as some unexpected consistent themes that seemed to connect the day’s … Continue reading

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Table Topics

[Note: This is part of my series on Spokesmen’s Club [1] in the UCG Portland congregation.] Before tonight, my previous experience with table topics was not a particularly good one. It was around the time of the Strawberry Festival, an … Continue reading

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Reality Bites

A few decades ago, painter Andy Warhol stated that in the future everyone would get their fifteen minutes of fame. This led the group Sugar Ray to entitle their second album 14:59, even though for that particular band they remained … Continue reading

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Addition by Subtraction

I have never been the most athletic of people. Nonetheless, I’m someone who is generally very useful on a good team (and less useful on a bad team because of my very modest athletic gifts). When people project teams, often … Continue reading

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New Blog: College Football Bracketology

Because I did not want to bog down this blog entry with a lot of college football commentary outside of my philosophical or moral interests, and because I enjoy the idea of a counterfactual history of a parallel universe where … Continue reading

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